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1. Where can I find yyicon?

Common WPF controls are basically in this namespace: system. windows. controls. The namespace is in c: \ Program Files \ reference assemblies \ Microsoft \ framework \ V3.0 \ presentationframework. DLL. That is, it is supported only after. Net framework3.0.

Isn't policyicon available in WPF?

On msdn, there is an example of the notification icon: http://msdn.microsoft.com/zh-cn/library/aa972170 (vs.90). aspx

 Using System; Using System. windows; Using System. Windows. forms; // Policyicon Control  Using System. drawing; // Icon  Public partial class  Mainwindow :Window { Yyicon Yyicon; Public Mainwindow () {initializecomponent ();} Void Click ( Object Sender, Routedeventargs E ){ // Configure and show a notification icon in the system tray  This . Policyicon = New  Yyicon (); This . Policyicon. balloontiptext ="Hello, policyicon! " ; This . Policyicon. Text = "Hello, policyicon! " ; This . Policyicon. Icon = New System. Drawing. Icon ( "Policyicon. ICO" ); This . Policyicon. Visible = True ; This . Policyicon. showballoontip (1000 );}}

It contains the policyicon control. note its namespace: system. windows. forms;, the namespace is in c: \ windows \ Microsoft. net \ framework \ v2.0.50727 \ system. windows. forms. DLL. Therefore, the policyicon control used here is actually a control provided by. NET Framework 2.0 under winform.

2. How to Use policyicon


 <  Application  X  :  Class  = "Policyiconstd. app"  Xmlns  = "Http://schemas.microsoft.com/winfx/2006/xaml/presentation"  Xmlns  :  X = "Http://schemas.microsoft.com/winfx/2006/xaml"  Shutdownmode  = "Onexplicitshutdown"  Startup  = "Applicationstartup"  Exit  = "Applicationexit"> <  Application. Resources  > </  Application. Resources  > </  Application  > 


 Using System;Using System. Collections. Generic; Using System. configuration; Using System. Data; Using System. LINQ; Using System. windows; Using System. Windows. forms; Using  Application = System. Windows. Application ; Namespace Policyiconstd { Public partial class  App :Application { Private Static  Yyicon Trayicon; Private void Applicationstartup ( Object Sender, Startupeventargs E) {removetrayicon (); addtrayicon ();} Private void Addtrayicon (){ If (Trayicon! = Null ){ Return ;} Trayicon =New  Yyicon {Icon = New System. Drawing. Icon ( "Policyicon. ICO" ), Text = "Policyiconstd" }; Trayicon. Visible = True ; Contextmenu Menu = New  Contextmenu (); Menuitem Closeitem = New Menuitem (); Closeitem. Text = "Close" ; Closeitem. Click + = New  Eventhandler ( Delegate { This . Shutdown ();}); Menuitem Additem = New  Menuitem (); Additem. Text = "Menu" ; Menu. menuitems. Add (additem); menu. menuitems. Add (closeitem); trayicon. contextmenu = menu;// Set the shortcut menu of policyicon } Private void Removetrayicon (){ If (Trayicon! = Null ) {Trayicon. Visible = False ; Trayicon. Dispose (); trayicon = Null ;}} Private void Applicationexit ( Object Sender, Exiteventargs E) {removetrayicon ();}}}

This exampleProgramThe program only starts a policyicon at the same time when the program starts. There is no other main program interface, you can add processing for other windows in the menuitem event.

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