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1 min Download & installation

WPS 2012 in the continuous optimization while still keeping the super small volume, not time-consuming to wait for downloading, also do not have to install time-consuming headaches, 1 minutes to download installation, start fast, let your office speed "Fly up"!

WPS2012 deep compatibility with Microsoft Office, you can save and open Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files directly, or you can easily edit the WPS series document with Microsoft Office.

2 Kinds of Interface switching

Follow the 2012 new interfaces of the Windows 7 mainstream design style, giving you a fresh and visually enjoyable experience. WPS 2012 fully respect the user's choice and preferences, provide dual interface switching, users can be barrier-free in the new interface and the classic interface between the conversion, choose to conform to their own use habits, improve the efficiency of the interface style and interactive mode. Allows the old user to retain the long-term accumulation of habits and awareness, while the minimum learning costs to adapt and accept the new interface and experience.

3 Large Resource repositories

1. Online Templates

WPS Office 2012 Online Templates homepage New upgrade, updated hundreds of popular tags to make you more convenient to find, you can also collect multiple templates, and the template a key share to the forum, Weibo. Whether it is a holiday or hot event, template Library will be updated at all times.

2. Online material

WPS Office 2012 built-in new online material library "Gallery", a collection of tens of thousands of high-quality office materials. Not only that, you can also upload, download, share other people's material, the group function allows you to easily classify different materials. Professional materials such as buttons, icons, structure diagrams, flowcharts, and so on can turn your thoughts and ideas into a beautiful professional graphic format for documents, demos, and tables.

3. Knowledge Base

In the WPS Knowledge Base channel, the hands-on experience of "intelligent crystallization" from office experts can help you solve all the problems. Whether it's operational issues, functional understanding,

or application operations, WPS Knowledge Base of the fine tutorials will help you, office skills are no longer an exclusive secret, but everyone can learn, everyone can use knowledge.

Using the WPS Knowledge Base, everyone can become an office expert.

"Cloud" office

The pleasure of office anytime, anywhere, want to get it? Using the fast disk, Android platform mobile

Kingsoft Office, where you can read, edit, and save documents anytime and anywhere, and share documents with

Work partner, follow the office software you walk around, don't you try?

Eliminate "0" reply, give you the most intimate service

Telephone Feedback Hotline: 400-677-5005

7x12 hours of professional technical support team, at any time to help you solve various problems, whether it is advice, feedback, or help, you will get the most patient answers, as well as the most meticulous service.

WPS knows the platform:

The largest professional Office knowledge Exchange Platform, where you can find the answer you seek, you can also participate in WPS Expert Group, help solve the problem, the Panel has a monthly work bonus, WPS Expert Group welcomes the same hobby you join.

Micro-Blog Feedback channel:

WPS Technical support staff in the micro-blog at any time to eliminate the 0 reply, you can also send micro-blog and @wps, your any questions and suggestions will be a professional reply.

WPS question and answer platform volunteers

WPS in Baidu know, search to ask the answer team--office experts spontaneously organized into WPS Volunteer team, anytime, anywhere, all day to solve all Office users to help, so that you no matter where, always see WPS Volunteer

's figure.

10 Large Document authoring tools

Templates and Sample essays

Allows you to quickly create a variety of resumes, presentation reports, chart documents, beginners can quickly make a professional full of documents.

Grab the material at any time

Whether it's a picture, a piece of text, or a form, drag and drop it into the online material library to upload, save, and share.

Table Styles

Elegant color matching and cell partitioning help you make your form work easier.

Paragraph layout "Text eight claw fish"

Convenient paragraph spacing, line spacing, indentation distance adjustment tools, adjust the process more intuitive, easier document layout, easy mouse drag, you can easily see the adjustment effect.

Chapter Navigation

Use chapter navigation to facilitate viewing of document structure, long document editing and typesetting more organized.

Object layer

It is easy to view, edit, adjust and visualize all the objects in the document in a layer format to improve the efficiency of document editing.

The writing tool of the Fondle

We all like to excerpt or quote, but often paste the format processing very cumbersome. Text tools can quickly and easily help you clear away the extra soft return, space, let you fondle admiringly.

Set cover page

Inserting a cover page can help you insert a nice, elegant cover without changing the overall structure of the article.

100-Item Depth function improvement

Output PDF:
One-click Direct output to lossless PDF.
Label Toggle:
Support Tag drag operation, flowing.
Insert Flash:
Multimedia display more colorful effect of the document
Calculate a tax:
Personal finance let WPS to help.
Quick Access Toolbar:
Greatly shorten the mouse stroke, improve efficiency.
History list Management:
History opens documents for easy management.
Duplicate value action:
Clear duplicate values to simplify table operations.
Set up your manuscript:
Easily set the manuscript style.

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