WPS Office and Microsoft Office exact compatibility with free office software don't worry.

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WPS Office's unique middle-tier transformation framework guarantees that both WPS and Microsoft Office documents achieve kernel-level bidirectional precision compatibility. Using WPS Office to open files in the format "*.doc", "*.xls," and "*.ppt" for MS Office is not an issue, and users of MS Office can easily open the files generated by WPS Office without installing WPS Office.

Method One: Save as a format for MS office

The following is an example of WPS text that shows how to save a WPS-formatted file as a doc or other compatible format file:

Run the WPS text, select File | Save or File/Save As command, and eject the Save As dialog box, as shown in the following illustration:

If the current extension is "*.wps", you can change to the "*.doc" format of the Microsoft 97/2000/xp/2003 file, as shown in the following illustration:

If you want the default save format to be "*.doc", click the menu Tools | Options command to eject the Options dialog box. Select Microsoft word97/2000/xp/2003 file (*.doc) in the document save default format under the General and Save tab to change the default format to Doc, as shown in the following illustration:

Method Two: Drag directly to the MS Office editing area to open the document

Drag the WPS-formatted file directly to the editing area of MS Office (when you want to close all documents to avoid inserting the WPS document as an OLE object into the original document), MS Office can open it, as shown in the following illustration:

Method Three: Open with "All Files (*.*)"

When you open a file in MS Office, in select file type, select All Files (*.*) to open the WPS-formatted file, as shown in the following illustration:

Method Four: Change the extension name

The simpler way is to use WPS text and Microsoft Word as an example, if you want to share WPS format documents with your friends, just change the file name extension to Doc First, then open the renamed document with Word, simple two steps, 0 wait time to realize information sharing and interoperability!

If you do not see the file's extension, you can do so in the explorer (or My Computer, My Documents ...). , click the menu Tools | Folder Options, open the Folder Options dialog box, and in the View tab, deselect the Hide extensions for known file types check box, as shown in the following illustration:

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