WPS 2009 Cross-document manipulation techniques

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In fact, we can through the daily work of some small skills, break through the shackles of traditional, using skills to help us improve efficiency. For example, we can use the format brush to help you copy the format of a document to another document. You can also move or copy text or objects from one document to another by dragging the mouse. This operation is not only a very simple method, but also allows us to operate with a multiplier effect.

 Document contents are copied horizontally

During the editing process in the document, we often need to copy the contents of the document (refers to the text and objects), the most common copy operation, is the first to copy the content selected, and then use the left hand in the keyboard to press the CTRL key, and then use the mouse to copy the contents of the document to the corresponding position can be. In fact, the document copy in the cross document operation can also take the same approach, as long as the mouse to drag the copied content to the corresponding document label, when the document opened, the mouse point to the target position, release the mouse to complete the replication.

Second, you can also use the right mouse button to drag the way. Select the content you want to copy first, then press the right mouse button, and drag it to the appropriate document label, when the document is open, after the mouse moved to the destination, release the mouse, a dialog box will pop up (Figure 01), at this point with the mouse click "Copy Here" can be. In this way, you can complete the replication, or you can complete the move operation.

Figure 1

Document content can be "drift"

The movement of documents is also one of the most commonly used skills in our day-to-day operations, and if it is done in the same document, drag directly. And if you move across documents, traditionally we're going to select what we're moving, then right-click, then "Cut", then switch to another document, and then "paste." In WPS 2009 without this trouble, as long as the mouse to point to select the content of the document to move, and press the mouse, drag the corresponding document label, to open the document, the mouse moved to the destination, release the mouse, you can complete the movement of the document content.

 Format brushes can also be used in this way

In previous document operations, if you want to copy a document's format across documents, it is not possible to do so, and you can only reset from the beginning. In WPS, the format of replication can be easily implemented, first in the WPS2009 to open the sample document and the target document, in the sample document, with the mouse we want to copy the contents of the format selected, and then click on the toolbar "format Brush" button (see Figure 02). After you switch the document label to the target document, drag the mouse with the format brush flag to the target text so that the formatting in the sample document is easily "cloned" to the target document.

Figure 2

If you want to reuse the Format Painter button, you can double-click the Format Painter button in the toolbar to lock the Format Painter, which allows you to reuse the format brush indefinitely. When you are done, click the Format Painter button again to unlock the status.

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