WPS How to make the child Hanyu Pinyin study material?

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wps How to make the child Hanyu Pinyin study material?

1, first, we first double hit open wps text, click New to create a new WPS document.

2, then, we enter some phrases in the edit area. It's best to find some words we use everyday, like the name of the fruit or the name of the vegetable. (Have to cultivate cargo hurrying feet!)

3, Next, we use the left mouse button to select the words to add Pinyin. Select one at a time. When selected, do not use the mouse to click in the editing area, or you will have to choose again.

4, select the phrase, we in the WPS Text toolbar to find and click the Phonetic Guide icon. is the font behind the word "text" above the pinyin icon.

5, then, you will be in the bounce out of the dialog box to see, the base text behind the phonetic alphabet has been pinyin. There are also the alignment, font, and other settings below. This lets it keep the default on the line, all you have to do is click on the confirmation below, simple.

6, we follow the above method to each phrase to add a good pinyin, to the page to do a simple layout. Then, print it out.

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