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Year to year, the year-end award has become a topic of concern for everyone, micro-blog on the city's year-end awards are also fresh out. In a word to sum up his 2012 work: God horse can be a cloud, but the year-end award is in any case still can not think of it as a cloud. And for those who get a big year-end bonus, they're concerned about another question, how does this money count as a personal income tax?

Next follow Mo to see together, how to use WPS Mobile version give me quick calculate year-end income tax.

The formula for the year-end bonus is: Full X-Calculating quickly deduction, while the year-end award of personal income tax is as follows:

On the tablet running WPS Mobile version of software, open the Enterprise Employees annual Performance Bonus sheet, if the year-end award has not been calculated, you can refer to a MO explained the "If Function statistics Year-End Award" method, and then calculate the Enterprise Employees year-end award.

After the year-end award, then Mo can be the WPS mobile version of the built-in if function to draw the year-end bonus income tax. To do this, double-click the F3 cell of the WPS mobile form, and then click the "T" letter on the left side of the definition keyboard. After opening the WPS Mobile version of the table with the special input method, click the "F (X)" button, the function list appears.

Into the WPS mobile version of "Common Functions", select the "IF" function, and then according to the year-end bonus tax formula input function can be. Assuming that in the table of this example, the employee's annual bonus is no more than 108000 yuan, then the calculation of the annual income tax rate for the employees will include 3%, 10% and 20% three cases, while the calculating quickly deduction also has 0 yuan, 105 yuan and 5,553 kinds of cases.

Then input =if (E3/12>=4500,e3*0.2-555,if (e3/12>=1500,e3*0.1-105,e3*0.03-0)) function can be confirmed after the WPS mobile version can be derived F3 cell "Yang Lin" The employee's year-end income tax is 450 yuan.

Next, hand pointing to the table F4 cell, and then in the WPS Mobile version of the Fill menu, select "Drag Fill", and then drag down with your fingers, WPS Mobile version will automatically come up with all the employees in the form of the year-end income tax.

Mo reminds us that the greater the span of year-end awards, the more the year-end income tax rate, the more complex function settings. If the year-end award is over 108000 yuan, students can refer to the personal Income tax tax form to apply the IF function.

For most office workers, the biggest event of the last one months before the Spring Festival is the year-end award. For friends who often touch tables, the WPS Mobile version has 300 built-in functions and formulas that help them easily compute the various data. But if you want to know how the year-end award of personal income tax should be calculated, you may wish to take a look at Ah Mo in this article to share a little experience.

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