WPS Mobile version of the new function to achieve multiple documents at random switching efficiency doubling

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Multi-label features you should not be unfamiliar, many browsers have used this design, not only to save resources, more convenient to use the process in more than one page to see switching. Similarly, in tablets, mobile phones and other mobile devices, screen space is limited, can only rely on finger touch to operate, therefore, WPS Mobile version of the introduction of multiple document switching function.

In Office document processing, you often need to compare multiple documents to complete work tasks. So the multiple document switching function becomes critical. This is the WPS mobile version of similar software in the first launch of the function. Text, tables, demos, PDFs, multiple documents open at the same time and easily switch, will give you a lot of processing work on the tablet.

The operation is not complicated, the following three methods of operation to share to everyone:

The first: Open the WPS Mobile version, on the first page or any document in the toolbar to find and click "Document Switching", you can open. The document switch location in the individual component menu bar is different from the home page and is set at the end of the menu bar. This is also the most common way to get into multiple document viewing states.

Second: Open the home page or a WPS mobile version of any component, from the top of the menu bar, from left to right, you can enter multiple document viewing status.

Third: Open the first page or a WPS mobile version of any component, from the top of the menu bar, from top to bottom sliding, you can enter multiple document viewing status. (as shown in the following figure)

Common methods for entering multiple document viewing states

Fast way into multiple document viewing states

Close the multi-document status display bar, just click anywhere on the screen. The point here is that if you want to close one of several documents, there are some tips to follow. Find the icon of the component you want to close above the menu bar, and press and pull down from the top to easily turn it off, very handy.

Today, Office documents often support multiple document viewing. The WPS Mobile version is the first to support switching between different kinds of documents to help users better process documents. The official release version already supports this feature and is welcome to the mo.wps.cn download.

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