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The tablet computer lets the business office "to simplify", but realizes the real "the mobile office", but also needs to have the efficient and easy to use the mobile Office software. The highly acclaimed WPS Mobile version is a powerful office software. Recently updated WPS Mobile version 5.3 not only to improve the overall efficiency of the operation, but also added a number of practical functions, in the actual experience found that WPS Mobile version 5.3 is getting closer to perfection. With it, so that the tablet can be comparable to the PC Office experience, "small stature" also has a "big use"!

Mobile demo more relaxed and free

In the present society, the PPT demonstration frequently appears in each kind of commercial situation. In marketing promotion, investment, academic reports and other activities are visible everywhere. But in the actual demo, due to the presentation of environmental restrictions, many times it is difficult to achieve the desired effect, such as the presentation venue is too complex, some viewers can not accurately feel the presentation to express the real intention, at this time WPS Mobile version 5.3 of the new Wi-Fi direct share playback feature on the play.

Currently, Wi-Fi Direct technology is supported on all Android 4.0 tablets, and Wi-Fi hotspots are not needed between wireless direct devices, which can be used to interconnect multiple tablets. To complete the "wireless" PowerPoint presentation in this environment, WPS Mobile Version 5.3 joins this Wi-Fi direct technology, which is a great convenience for mobile business demonstrations.

Found in the actual experience, after opening the PPT presentation document, touch "share playback", the WPS Mobile version will automatically search the surrounding environment to support WiFi direct technology equipment, will display an access code, through which others can directly connect with you, so that many people share the playback PPT document. So in the showroom, no matter where the audience sits, they can read your speeches directly on their tablet or mobile phone, which is good for any important content.

In business activities, PowerPoint presentations usually need to be concise and clear in order to facilitate effective communication. But failing to deliver the presentation to the audience is a very bad speech. With WPS Mobile version 5.3, as long as the device supports Wi-Fi direct technology, it can achieve faster, more free wireless shared playback. In the demo hall, you can even invite the projector or TV to broadcast the PowerPoint presentation in the flat, so that the business demo truly realizes wireless 0 distance without hindrance.

Mobile Commerce is more handy

Now many mobile office software, but most of the use of flat on the results are not ideal. But the WPS mobile version of the performance is commendable. From our experience, this mobile OA software in the Office experience more and more close to perfection, the current WPS Mobile version 5.3 in documents, tables, PPT and other aspects of reading and editing are very good. In particular, the addition of font settings and tables to insert and edit the chart function, but also to office office to achieve a PC-like mobile office experience.

For business people, a lot of important business documents are often dealt with during business trips. Sometimes editing word documents on the subway, modifying Excel forms from colleagues in the car, and even marking the customer's PowerPoint presentation at the airport. This time, WPS Mobile version 5.3 New features are particularly helpful. For example, the title, lead, and important paragraphs in the data are "prominently" set (change font size, color, bold, etc.) to make the business document look more appropriate.

In practical use, it is found that the WPS mobile version not only supports the font settings of txt/word/exce/ppt and other formats, but also is quite simple and easy to operate on the tablet. For example, to set a font, just select the font you want to set, and then select the font size you want to set. The touch screen also allows you to set bold, italic, underline, and font colors, all of which can be easily done in the WPS Mobile version, as simple as operating on a PC.

Business people are exposed to a variety of forms almost daily, corporate finance, cost budgeting, orders, inventory, etc., are documents in Excel format. And to edit the form at any time in mobile office, must have a powerful form of mobile OA software, especially the year-end report and summary work, all kinds of summary data are ready, in order to make tabular data display more intuitive, often to introduce charts. WPS Mobile Version 5.3 added the ability to insert and edit the chart, so that table editing more handy.

In practice, WPS Mobile Version 5.3 brings an excellent table-handling experience, such as when you open an Excel table document, just click on "Chart" in "Insert", and then select the chart style as you want, and then the chart is inserted into the table. With the help of touch technology, users can move the chart position, change the size of the chart, and quickly fill the data, the whole task down in just a few minutes, a visual response to the results of the data table came out.

General comments: After a period of experience, small series feel the WPS Mobile version 5.3 of the powerful, while the document loading speed is also fully upgraded, this is definitely business people in the mobile office of the right-hand man. In addition, the test also found that WPS Mobile version 5.3 added and improved up to 53 features, such as the new PDF bookmark positioning function, which is very helpful to friends who often read. If you are a mobile Office user, may wish to consider for your flat plate installed this WPS mobile version!

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