WPS Resume principle helps you tap into your own sparkle

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Recently, Jinshan Office software officially launched the WPS Office 2012 Campus Edition, this version of the most bright spot is the new "Flash resume" module, including the introduction, do resume, cast resume three links, through these three steps to help college students easily create a personal highlight of the excellent resume, so that you find new yourself, Find the job that suits you best.

So how can you tap into your own sparkle? Today to introduce the WPS resume principle, according to the WPS resume principle to write a resume even if the ordinary you can find the best.

1, focus on outstanding

For graduates of the CV, recruiters will first look at: Internships or social practice experience. If this place makes them satisfied, they will look at the last two places: Name and contact method. Other Miyoshi, outstanding student cadres, professional courses list ... In their eyes are all clouds! So, your resume should be highlighted, refreshing and concise one-page resume.

2. Embodiment of value (worthy)

In internships and work experiences, it's not just about what you do, but more importantly, the value you show out of the experience. For example, you want to apply for sales, you only write "once in a certain store internship three months" it is not value, the number of items you sell in three months, the amount of sales you have done, is value; For example, you have to apply for a journalist, you only write "once in a certain newspaper internship six months" This is not value, this six months you published a number of articles, Which on the headlines, is the value.

3, prove oneself (Prove)

If the recruitment needs are written "creative", it is the individual who will write "I am creative" in "self-evaluation", how do you prove that you are the most creative? A unique personal resume is a "creative" proof, if the recruitment requirements are written "strong execution", and you have racked your brains can not think of what you have carried out the project, How to do? During the school well-behaved obedience, never truancy, never hung branch, never late return, never illegal electricity, is the "implementation of strong" embodiment, but also will make the interviewer impressed by the sparkle.

4, suitable post (suitable)

Why do you go to the job fairs every day, every day in the net, never miss a chance, cast a resume or go down the drain? While others play games watching the game around the street will be, lightly loose to get the offer? You should think about it, what kind of job in the industry is suitable for you? How to reflect in your resume is the most suitable person for this position? Do not have to use a resume to send all the posts, in the resume must reflect the people post matching, so as to attract the attention of the employing unit.

WPS Flash Resume Works appreciation:

It is reported that the Golden Hill WPS held this "flash resume" competition for the national Student users, aimed at helping college students learn to tap their own sparkle, so that ordinary themselves can find others do not have the advantage. Let college students master the notes of writing resumes, learn how to write a Flash resume that attracts HR attention. Another opportunity to win the Millet mobile phone and Jinshan software internship opportunities.

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