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The company's documents need trademark symbols, but how to enter the trademark symbol? This tutorial for you to introduce a number of ways to enter the trademark symbol, I would like to share the following method!

The superscript method in WPS input trademark symbol

WPS text is a very powerful text editing software, just have a lot of functions we in peacetime text editing process are ignored, such as the text of the superscript, subscript function, its intention is to facilitate our text or paragraph for further explanation, in fact, we use the superscript method of words can easily achieve the input of trademark symbols. When we want to enter the trademark symbol, first enter a trademark name in WPS, then click the Superscript button in the Font ribbon under the Start tab, and then enter a "TM" in the WPS text, which will achieve the desired trademark symbol effect.

WPS Symbol Insert Trademark symbol

When entering a trademark symbol, we can also enter it either directly by superscript or by means of the caret. The first is to position the cursor where you entered the trademark symbol, and then click the Insert tab, click Symbol in the symbols ribbon, and you can see the trademark symbol in the custom symbol area, and click the mouse to insert it in the appropriate location.

If you don't see it in the custom symbol area, you can click More symbols, and then in the Symbol dialog box, click the Special Symbols tab to see the trademark symbol, and double-click the mouse to insert into the document.

Shortcut key Enter trademark symbol

To improve our efficiency, of course, it is a quick way to operate. We can first in the WPS text to enter a trademark name, and then press the "ctrl+shift+=" key on the keyboard, and then enter the number "TM" can be. Once the input is complete, press the "ctrl+shift+=" key again to return to the normal input state. Second, you can also enter the "TM" and then use the mouse to select it, and then press the "ctrl+shift+=" key on the keyboard can also achieve the input of trademark symbols.

Hint: We can also assign a shortcut key to the trademark symbol in the Symbol dialog box, which is convenient for us to enter quickly when we use it later. The method is to select the appropriate symbol under the Special Symbols tab. Then click Insert to Symbol bar, click the Symbols tab, select the symbol you just inserted and position the cursor in the shortcut key box, press CTRL, Shift, ALT key one in the keyboard, and then specify a different key. You can also use two or more key combinations of three keys, and then click Specify shortcut, and then close the dialog box to exit.

Font Superscript method

The font superscript method can also achieve the input effect of trademark symbol. In WPS, first enter the trademark name and digital trademark symbol "TM", then use the mouse to select TM (excluding parentheses), under the Start tab, click the font initiator switch, and then, in the effect area under the Open Font dialog box, tick the Superscript tab, and then click OK. You can implement the superscript of the selected font.

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