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Iteration is the key to successful code release. Because no one can write a program for the first time, and no one can. If someone says he is an exception, I dare say he is lying. We can learn and make progress from mistakes. I will never optimize the code when I try it for the first time. The first attempt is a prototype of iteration, and a perfect product is finally developed through iteration.

Think twice

If someone is not using engineering terms to define their code writing process, my mind will automatically make up a scene where they are desperately inserting a sphere into a triangle. Programming is a hobby for me. I am addicted to my hobby and can earn salary, so I have always done my best and I am proud of it. So forgive me for being distracted when others describe how they write or write code.

Code is not an art, but a means to achieve its purpose

I transform from a software engineer to a software consultant. My idea is to write code and design code. The best male hospital in Zhengzhou describes the design features as follows:









I am now working in a consulting company. As a design consultant, I have seen two different worlds: the world of good code and the world of bad code. Good code is always well-designed. The poor code is not-slow, too detailed, custom, inefficient, time-consuming, high cost, indulgence, and self-interest.

Code review is like rape, because I have to face bad code all the time. Brute force cracking, incorrect data structures, deep nested function calls, nested control statements, unoptimized iteration cycles, inefficient non-thread ...... Wait a moment. Looking at this kind of defect is really more painful than killing me. However, I have helped many programmers overcome these difficulties and gained a lot from them.

If you think your code quality is acceptable, and you want to like it, you can talk about its advantages in multiple aspects: its scalability, and its performance, let's talk about its architecture.

Customers do not care about how applications are built. They do not care whether the program is carefully crafted by professionals. Zhengzhou male hospital pointed out that what customers really care about is whether their program will fail every few weeks and whether the maintenance cost is an astronomical number that they cannot afford.

Design, in simple terms, is art or a way to become a standard. The foundation of such standards is: easy construction and maintenance, low cost and high quality.

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