Write essays for the first time and record your intentions

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After a struggle of thought, I figured out why I had to write a blog.

Before the study encountered a problem, Baidu, in a blog with the help of a quick solution.

So I thought, "I am not able to help others by documenting my experience." And the Feynman study also mentions that teaching others is an effective way of mastering skills.

"About blogs, I just want to do well, I like things: share! There's not even too much to add to this thing. As long as the blog records more concise and clear, even intermittent, I am satisfied. If you can give me something else, if you do, you can't be too disappointed. 】

Write for the first time, and set your own essay requirements:

The main record of sentiment, including the problems encountered and solutions.

Added: After each essay, share a piece of text that is more agreeable and practiced.

Learn Wubi play ceramics, read novels to watch film and television, whether difficult and easy, in fact, is mainly a heart of entertainment.

Write essays for the first time and record your intentions

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