Write your own visualization software (code is open source)

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More than a year ago, I was in the internship, just on a project close to the end, followed by a big data integration project, including data collection, processing, calculation, integration and data display.

And the visualization of this piece, in the early fall on my head, although this open-source gadget eventually did not as a big data visualization solution, but this is a complete completion of their own, step by step write up, from the learning of things naturally not limited to this tool, there are methods to find information, problem-solving ideas, etc. It's always a good learning experience.

After more than a year, I still want to open the code out:

    • One is because this is a group of friends and some netizens voice;
    • Secondly, the current work and visual direction is also drifting away, the release of code is a summary of the past or farewell;
    • Finally, it is hoped that by putting the code out for others to provide a little ideas, but also for themselves to provide a window of external communication.

Whether the code is good or bad, embracing open source, this is also a learning attitude.

Prior to writing this tool, there are occasional in the visual series to record their own experience or problems encountered and achieved results ^ ^

"Visual Tools solo Show"

"Visual Tools solo show-----processing Prefuse Show"

"Visual Tools solo Show-----Prefuse example Graphview explanation"

A ramble on visualization prefuse (i)---reading data from a SQL Server database

A ramble on Visualization prefuse (ii)---One minute to learn Prefuse

Discussion on visualization prefuse (iii)---Prefuse API data structure reading thoughts

A ramble on visualization Prefuse (iv)---the Bad prefuse API

A ramble on Visualization prefuse (v)---a visual tool that belongs to me

The discussion of Visual prefuse (vi)---Change the source custom edge thickness

This gadget is mainly based on the prefuse of the tool library to write, different from gephi such as the external exposure of the API, but also has integrated tools Gephi software, Prefuse provides support for a variety of layouts, support different data structures, real-time interaction, text index, A feature-rich interface, such as SQL and database connectivity. But we don't see a complete tool or software on the Prefuse's website, and the gadget here is to integrate these supported features into a few common needs, and thus form the tools of the moment.

The code is hosted on GitHub


There are also some documents under the resource directory

Examples of functions that have been implemented

    • The tool is divided into four main pieces, the top menu bar, the Information Bar on the left, the middle of the graphic display area, the right side of the parameter adjustment area (not implemented);

    • When the middle image goes without a graph and no data is imported, some buttons in the menu bar are grayed out and only the imported data becomes available.

    • After selecting import, the information display area will show the number of nodes/edges and the number of bars, and the nature of the graph is direction or no direction;

    • Click File, open, select the data file will pop up the graphical configuration information, such as can show bit-to/no/mixed graph, you can choose to display the node label, these are in the data file is configured;

    • Support a variety of layout algorithms, specific to see the previous several display effects;
    • For the label on the node can choose to display or not display, if you have added picture information, you can also display pictures (about the node to display pictures, you can see the project example);
    • Can change the shape of the nodes, such as rectangles, circles, etc.;
    • Support the display of the Edge line curve (not implemented in the tool, you can see the demo in the previous few);
    • The edges of different weights can be displayed according to the weights of the edges configured in the data file.
    • Supports hover highlighting and neighbor highlighting (where the mouse hovers over the Alan node, it is highlighted in red, and the non is highlighted in orange, adjacent to Alan);
    • Support to adapt to screen display, click Controller-and adapt to the screen display, will be scaled to the image display area can be displayed so far

Operation Show

    • Part 1:

    • Part 2:

    • Part 3:


    • Some of these tests have hard code, and if they don't work, check if there is a code like read the path to the configuration file
    • Some features need to be prepared, such as the ability to connect to the database, you need a local data source such as SQL Server or MySQL, and in which to build data as required, in the tool can be configured to synchronize the data in the database and display
    • Some feature modules have not been implemented so far, such as the "Action Configuration" module
    • When loading graphics, sometimes there will be a ghosting phenomenon, remember that this is the development of the middle of the situation only encountered
    • The right panel parameter adjustment in the tool has not been implemented yet

Limited personal level, there are questions welcome to enlighten, or on GitHub to put forward issue.

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Write your own visualization software (code is open source)

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