Writing automated tests using jazz automation

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Jazz Automation Introduction

Jazz Automation is a test framework that is built to automate both acceptance/function testing for all types of Web systems or static Web sites. It also makes it easy to implement automated integration testing. In the past, this type of testing needs to be done manually, with high labor intensity and inaccurate. With automated testing, companies can create high quality applications, create fewer bugs, and speed up the market.     Jazz Automation supports the following Web browsers: IE, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome. Unlike other automated test frameworks, Jazz Automation allows test writers to describe how software works using pure English.

Most automated test frameworks must be programmed using languages such as Java and Ruby before they are executed, such as selenium and cucumber. Jazz Automation provides an abstraction layer that test writers and configuration personnel do not need to program.

Write the first test script

Let's take a look at the specs below for testing an ecommerce site.

Feature:go to the Amazon Web site, search for Harry Porter in the book section.
   Find Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (BOOK2) and then add it to the cart. Background:establish the test settings for the test Given the following settings: | URL | 
       http://www.amazon.com | | Platform |
       Vista | | Browser |
       Firefox | | Browser version |
   23 | Scenario:verify that we have a empty cart on the Amazon home page Given I am on the "homepage" Then I should E Xpect | Cartcount |
   0 |
     Scenario:search for Harry Porter from the books category Given I am on "homepage" and I click "Allbutton" and I Select | Selectcategory |
     Books | and I Enter | Searchfield | 
     Harry Potter | And i click ' Go ' and I wait 5 seconds Then I should is on the ' SearchresulTspage "Scenario:from" the Search Results Page, verify the "the" the "a" Special Edition Harry Potter Pap Erback Box Set Given I am on "searchresultspage" Then I should EXPECT | Firstresult |
       Special Edition Harry Potter paperback Box Set | | ChamberOfSecretsBook2 |
   Visible | 
        Scenario:click on the Chamber of Secrets Book2 to reveal the details Given I am on "searchresultspage"
        And I click "ChamberOfSecretsBook2" Then I should is on the "bookdetailpage" scenario:verify the details Given I am on the "bookdetailpage" Then I should EXPECT | Kindleprice |
        $7.99 | | Hardcoverprice |
        $13.94 | | Paperbackprice |
    $8.56 |  Scenario:add the book to me cart Given I am on the "Bookdetailpage" and I click "Hardcover" and I click "AddToCart" Then I should is on thE "Precheckoutpage" scenario:on the Pre-checkout page, verify the details Given I am on the "precheckoutpage" Then I should EXPECT | OrderSubtotal |
        13.94 | | Cartcount |
    1 |
         Scenario:proceed to checkout Given I am on the "Precheckoutpage" and I click "Proceedtocheckout"  Then I should is on the "signinpage" test script should is extremely easy to read and understand, right?

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