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------ Environment Introduction and Preface

I am a fan of Microsoft and novogene, focused on Microsoft platform software development 632646551@qq.com, recently bought novogene 710 mobile phone, the method of using xap installer for cell phone jailbreak has been developed and released, hoping to benefit Windows Phone users.


------ Important:

One-click jailbreak is an imperfect jailbreak. If you choose one-click jailbreak, you need to choose not to use a mobile phone to access the Internet; otherwise, Microsoft will change your mobile phone to a State without jailbreak, you have to turn on your computer and try again to jailbreak with one click, which is complicated.


1. you can deploy 10 games (I don't know the exact number, I have installed 6 games, and I haven't been prompted to install any more), such as fruit ninja, Angry Birds, the Assassin's Creed of paid games and so on.

2. Don't worry about changing the cell phone.

Prevent the mobile phone from being changed back to the unjailbroken status (preparations before jailbreak ):

1. Disable GPRS traffic settings on the mobile phone-system-mobile network-data connection-off

2. Do not use WIFI or WLAN

3. Do not use Zune on a computer that can access the internet. If you use Zune, disconnect the network. If you do not understand it, unplug the network cable.

4. in software such as QQ computer manager, the Microsoft Zune player or Zune launcher is prohibited from running automatically upon startup (because Microsoft is abnormal, it will prevent your jailbreak, and lock you after jailbreak. If not, ask the experts)



------ My environment:

COMPUTER: Windows 7 Professional Edition

Mobile phone model: Nokia 710

Xap installer version 1.6



------ Cell phone jailbreak

Cell phone jailbreak is the most difficult step and requires some luck. However, if you try it several times, it will eventually succeed.

1. Install Windows 7 on your computer (I have not tested Windows 7 on Windows XP. If it is inconvenient, you can directly use XP)

2. Install Microsoft's abnormal Windows system environment. As of May 15, this address is still valid and may be updated in the future:

Http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx? Displaylang = en & id = 27570

Download (download ))vm_web2.exe 3.4 MB software for Installation

The installation process is long, because you still need to download some major components from the Internet. No matter what kind of prompts appear during the installation process, as long as the installation is successful, the subsequent results should not be affected, I have installed it, so the interface is different from yours. Next is the next step.

3. Install Zune. This is something you should be familiar with. It will be used to synchronize and update mobile phones.

Http://www.zune.net/zh-cn/, disable the soft Zune player and the automatic running of Zune launcher on top of the software of QQ computer administrators (because Microsoft is abnormal, it will block your jailbreak and lock you after your jailbreak)


4. Install xap installer 1.6: www.zune123.com

5. connect the data cable to your computer and mobile phone, open Zune, and ensure that Zune is connected to your mobile phone. Find c: \ Program Files \ microsoft sdks \ Windows Phone \ v7.1 \ tools \ wpconnect \ x64 \ wpconnect.exe,Disable ZuneAnd run it. Wait until the black page is automatically closed.

6. open the xap installer 1.6 and go to the advanced tool-start jailbreak-click Next to start jailbreak. If the server is temporarily unavailable, follow the instructions of the xap installation organ, try again in an hour:

(Why is the attempt to connect to the mobile phone not prompted as shown in my figure? Suddenly, repeat Step 1 and start again)


----- Application installation

1. Download and install the appropriate application from the installer. Do not say this?

What should I do if I cannot connect to the installer after the mobile phone data line is connected to my computer? You may see that after you open the installer, there is no response:

2. Network disconnection. If not, unplug the network cable.

3. connect the data cable to your computer and mobile phone, open Zune, and ensure that Zune is connected to your mobile phone. Find c: \ Program Files \ microsoft sdks \ Windows Phone \ v7.1 \ tools \ wpconnect \ x86 \ wpconnect.exe,Disable ZuneAnd run it. Wait until the black page is automatically closed.

4. Open the installer and connect it. If not, repeat steps 2-4.

5. connect to the Internet or plug in a network cable


----- The application is successfully installed, but cannot be found on the mobile phone. What should I do?

Taking Angry Birds as an example, I encountered the same problem in this application:

1. Find the Angry Bird from E: \ xapdownload (You may not be on the drive, but also from another drive ).

2. decompress the package to the Angry Bird folder with good stress or other compression software.

3. Open wmappmanifest. XML in the folder in notepad and find genre = "apps. Games" to genre = "apps. Normal". Save

4. compress all files in the directory in ZIP format and change the extension to. xap.

5. Delete the Angry Birds in the mobile phone in the xap Installer. Of course, you can also delete the birds in the SMS. The xap installer is not as friendly as the DM interface.

6. Double-click to open the new Angry Bird. xap and reinstall it in the xap installer.

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