Xcode Code Snippet shortcut-Code Snippet Library (Code Snippet Library ),

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Xcode Code Snippet shortcut-Code Snippet Library (Code Snippet Library ),
Recently I updated my computer and installed Xcode to knock on the Code. I found that many of the previously collected Code Snippet had forgotten the backup. I summarized the setting method of Code Snippet and added it. For example, Title-Code Snippet Title Summary-Code Snippet abstract Platform-Code Snippet Platform, there are three options for IOS/OS X/All: Language-Language Completion Shortcut cut-Shortcut (which cannot be repeated with the System During setup) Completion Scopes-scope of use: all locations, header files, class methods, etc. Setting method: 1. Drag the entered Code that requires a quick fragment. 2. Drag {} Code Snippet Library with a left click and hold the mouse and show the arrow. 3. Adjust the above options. 4. Replace the Code. such as name writing: <# name #>. You can write for other locations that need to be filled in: <# prompt language #> 5. Done is complete.

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