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When using Xcode, company colleagues use//and//todo to make a lot of comments. Although they helped me, I didn't know how to do it. Today at home bored, came to practice a.

So easy.

1. I am using package Manager for Xcode. At this point, we're going to use it to download it and load it into Xcode.

Originally thought it would be very cumbersome, the result of a sentence will be taken care of.

Official website is: Http://alcatraz.io

The installation method is: Enter inside the terminal:

Curl-fssl https://raw.githubusercontent.com/supermarin/Alcatraz/deploy/Scripts/install.sh | Sh

Once you've entered, restart Xcode and it will be displayed automatically.

The above one, we want to download the other plug-in, the direct use of it. The following is automatically displayed after the installation is complete. Currently click on the button above, the following window is also possible to achieve.

The Uninstall method is:

Delete The plugin:

RM-RF ~/library/application\ Support/developer/shared/xcode/plug-ins/alcatraz.xcplugin

Remove All cached data:

RM-RF ~/library/application\ Support/alcatraz

It is very simple for foreigners to write documents. At a glance, easy to solve.

Xcode Plugin Management

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