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The first thing to be clear is that XML is designed to store data, carry data, and exchange data, and is not designed to display data.

  XML can detach data from HTML

With XML, you can store data outside of HTML files. When you do not use XML, HTML is used to display data, the data must be stored in an HTML file, and XML is used to store data in a separate XML document. This approach allows you to focus on the display and layout of data using HTML, and ensure that data changes do not cause HTML files to change. This will facilitate the maintenance of the page. XML data can also be stored as "data islands" in an HTML page. You can still focus on using HTML to format and display data.

  XML for exchanging data

With XML, we can exchange data between incompatible systems. In real life, the data stored in computer systems and database systems have n^n forms, and for developers, the most time-consuming is the exchange of data between systems across the network. converting data to XML-formatted storage will greatly reduce the complexity of exchanging data and can also enable the data to be read by different programs.

  XML and Business-to-business

Using XML, you can exchange financial information in a network. In the near future, we can expect to see a lot of applications about XML and Business-to-business (Business to Business). XML is becoming the main language used to exchange financial information between commercial systems across the network. Many of the fully xml-based applications associated with business-to-business are under development.

  XML can be used to share data

With XML, plain text files can be used to share data. Since XML data is stored in plain text format, XML provides a method of sharing data that is independent of software and hardware. This makes it easy to create a data file that can be read by different applications. Similarly, our provincial operating systems, upgrading servers, upgrading applications, and updating browsers are much easier.

  XML can be used to store data

With XML, plain text files can be used to store data. A large amount of data can be stored in an XML file or in a database. Applications can read, write, and store data, and general programs can display data.

  XML makes full use of data

With XML, your data can be used by more users. Since XML has nothing to do with software, hardware, and applications, you can make your data available to more users, more devices, and more than just HTML-compliant browsers. Other clients and applications can process your XML documents as data sources, as they do with databases, and your data can be handled by a variety of "readers", which is handy for some people, such as the blind or the disabled.

  XML can be used to create a new language

XML is the mother of WAP and WML languages. The Wireless Markup Language (wml,the Wireless Markup Language) identifies an Internet program that runs on a handheld device, such as a mobile phone.

  Looking to the future

If developers are predictable enough, future applications should use XML as a way to store data. The word processor, spreadsheet software, and database that we use in the future should be able to read data to each other in plain text format without the need for a format conversion process. We can only hope that Microsoft and other software developers agree. In fact, Microsoft is vigorously developing the application of XML.

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