XP system prompts Epson Scan cannot start a workaround

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A description of the phenomenon:

Using the Epson Scan driver scanner, the system prompts "Epson scan cannot start" When running the scanner, as shown in figure (1).

Second, the reason analysis:

1, did not install the correct installation of the driver, causing the scanner can not correctly identify.

2, the production of communication errors, the computer can not correctly identify the scanner.

Third, the solution:

1, turn on the scanner power, confirm that the scanner green light, transport lock has been opened, using random USB cable directly connected to the scanner and computer.

2. Use the right mouse button to click "My Computer" to select "Properties"-> "Hardware"-> "Device Manager". If the device shown in figure (2) shows that the computer does not recognize the scanner correctly, click the device with the right mouse button, select Uninstall, and then select "Scan hardware Changes" in the toolbar.

icon, the system recognizes the scanner hardware device again.

3, when "Device Manager"-> "Image Processing Device" appears in Figure (3) shown in the device, please run the Epson Scan Scan test again.

4, if the figure (3) can not appear in the device, please disconnect the USB cable, replace the USB port test.

5, if the replacement of the USB port still can not be resolved, please disconnect the USB cable, through the "My Computer"-> "Control Panel"-> "Add or Remove Programs", select "EPSON Scan", click "Change/delete", according to the prompts to choose "Next", uninstall the driver, Restart your computer, and then reinstall the test with a random disc.

Note: Some firewalls, anti-virus software will prevent the driver's writing, at this time need to install the driver before the system to shut down the firewall, anti-virus software. After installing the driver, restart the computer operating system, after entering the system again, connect the USB cable, the system will complete the configuration of the scanner unit. Rerun the scan Scan test.

6, if the above method still does not solve the problem, please try to create a new account in the system and set administrator rights, use the new account login computer test.

Tip: Some USB ports, such as the USB port on the front of the computer chassis, the USB port on the USB keyboard, and so on, provide only low current power, and the computer can detect the device in low current condition, but it may not be able to maintain high-speed communication.

In addition, if the use of USB cable quality is poor, the use of USB extension cord, USB cable is too long may not be able to maintain high power USB device high-speed communication, causing the scanner the following failure:

The system was unable to discover the device after the scanner was connected to the computer.

The scanner stops working during the scan, prompting that the scanner is not properly connected.

When you start Epson Scan, you minimize to the taskbar and you cannot eject the running interface.

The scanner will not function until you disconnect other high-power USB devices.

For the above reasons, it is recommended that you use the scanner random data cable (if you need to purchase additional data lines to use, we recommend the purchase and use of a brand, with a factory certificate or qualified logo with the manufacturer's Enterprise standard USB cable); Connect the scanner directly to the USB connector on the rear of the computer Do not use USB extension cord, USB cable length not more than 1.8 meters, not on the computer at the same time connected to multiple high-power USB devices.

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