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God is talking too much. Let's talk about other things to change their tastes, so we can find a fierce one.
Ji You, how can we say that he is also a god. In this regard, China and the West are a little different. Satan is a demon after the fall of the arms, but even though he is described as a fierce evil, he is still a god or a god of war. In mythology, maeyu is portrayed as a conspiracy to gain the upper right, but he does have the qualities of leader and the talents of military strategists. He knows how to use the hearts of the people, and let the Miao people who are in charge of Shennong worship him after being removed from the throne of Shennong, and after he inherited the throne of the southern Emperor, the South is still rich under his governance. However, his talents and ambitions naturally cannot satisfy development in the South. His goal is to dominate the whole country, so he wants to enter the national competition. Sorry, it's not a national competition, it's a national power. In the process of attacking the Yellow Emperor, Yao Yu has always been out of the upper hand, but at the end of the day, he sent a letter of God to the Yellow Emperor's soldiers due to the nine-day Xuan female's intervention, anyway, it is a method of arranging troops.) only in this way can the Yellow Emperor turn to profit and win. When Yu lost, he was cut down by the Yellow Emperor. The whereabouts of his head and body were unknown, and there was no reference in the book to you.
In fact, the battle between Huang Di and Yu is probably similar to the battle between Xiang Yu and Liu Bang. After the loss, the Yellow Emperor was also defaced by the Yellow Emperor. There is a saying that the Yellow Emperor has engraved the image of the Yellow Emperor with only one head on the top of the screen. The name is "yellow", which means the Yellow Emperor is too greedy, even your health is exhausted. However, this statement is not consistent with the image description of the majority of Huang Yu. I just used this example to show that the image of Yu was simply hacked by the Yellow Emperor of victory.
The strength of yunyou is very powerful, which is beyond doubt. He was described as a Kong Wu Dahan who eats sand and stones and drinks copper in iron juice. The historical explanation of this point is that ye Yu actually invented the early-stage iron smelting technology. In addition, the genius family, also known as the 9 family or Yandi family, uses cattle as the totem. Therefore, it is not surprising that genius grows a bull's head in mythology. This is also because his body is hard and his neck is his only weakness (this reminds me of the legend of Mermaid Series by Master Gao Qiao liumeizi ). I don't know if you have seen the henyan cartoon from the luxury edition of Tianzhi. After reading the cartoon, I want to cry. In the above, Satan and the evil god, after being crushed, have become the ultimate boss. If it wasn't for the iron pot pendant, I wouldn't have bought it. The 8 tips included in it were only 8 pieces of paper, 5555555.
Well, let's get down to the truth. Let's take a look at the Yanyu in xuanyuan.
The first time ye appeared in xuanyuan jiansong, which was enclosed in the grottoes of the Tianshan Mountains and guarded by xuanyuan jiantong. Players can trigger the plot by 17 swords of seals, and fight the battle with Yu. As one of the hidden boss bosses, it is really powerful. If you don't use a cat, a dog, or a doll, it is estimated that it will be a bitter battle. After the victory over Yu, Yu had a dialogue saying that he could not avenge the Lord's bulletin board. This sentence is very important. Who is the master, the master, and the master Association of yuyou? No matter what you think, it should be the Yandi shennongshi. It is hard to say that there was a battle between Emperor yanhuang and Emperor xuanyuan in his settings? Unfortunately, it's just a hidden plot and I don't know what the domo team will do. However, yesterday I picked up the original "xuanyuan baodian" (this is the official introduction of xuanyuan jiansong, not the undefeated one in the east). The above introduction records of xiaoyou and Huangdi are as follows: the Yellow Emperor captured Yu, the Yandi side, and defeated Yandi. Yandi fled to the south, and then fled to Yandi to persuade Yandi to fight again, therefore, the Yellow Emperor was under the banner of Emperor Yandi. This can be understood as the historical background of xuanyao in xuanyao, or as a dispute between xuanyao and Shennong in xuanyao.
Another time, the Xuan Ming Palace of xuanyuan appeared, but it should not be counted. The only difference is that, whether it is the mark of heaven or Xuan Si, the battle value of yunyou is a little higher than that of Satan. God, magic, and people. How can Chinese people lose to westerners? haha :)

The foxes in xuanyuan sword: seven colors, nine days, and red

I originally wanted to write about the four culprit in ancient times. Later, because the materials were not at hand, I was familiar with the topic, that is, my home-fox is also, haha :)
The fox is probably a well-known angle in Chinese mythology. The most famous part is the self (that is, me: P ), there are also various Fox immortals in "Liao Zhai Zhiyi". It seems that the wife of the big brother is also Tu's. It is not just China, but the world is based on legends about foxes. Like Japan, it is said that he had escaped to Japan before the famous Yu algae mixed into the palace, and later his whereabouts were damaged by the high monk into the killing stone (I do not know whether the name of the killing pill Temple is from this story ). There are also India, but I do not remember it.
In fact, I have seen a fox in the zoo. I really don't know why this animal is so mysterious. Even if it looks pretty bad, It's not flattering. However, since the predecessors said this, future generations may also use the celebrity effect of the fox. Nowadays, people often add the element "Fox" to some strange games and stories. For example, Bai Yi of "Three Kingdoms of Fantasy" and SU Mei in "fairy sword" are the protagonists. Er, I don't know if the white foxes in Qiong Yao's Plum Blossom brand are counted. Moreover, it seems that the more the fox's tail, the more powerful it is. The ghost is a nine-tailed hacker, and the one in the Naruto's body in the first one just completed recently seems to be a nine-tailed hacker.
When it comes to xuanyuan, the most famous sources are xuanyuan. Of course, this seems to have nothing to do with xuanyuan.
The most famous fox in xuanyuan is the ancient Yue Sheng. The name alone shows that he is a fox, and he is also a white fox. The first debut was in xuanyuan Jianer. I haven't played it for a long time. I forgot how he made the debut. Anyway, he joined our team for the last time. In xuanyuan jianerli, his strength is very good, but it is really good. If there are no small branch lines or domo, then his role is only to restore our team members to their lives and to release them. According to the general definition, it is only a ritual or priest of white magic. However, since he was the first to play, his value also rose. In addition to continuing to give full play to his expertise in saving lives, the sky seems to be much higher in strength. In xuanyuan's magic record, if you don't rush out to chase for nine days after you finish in Xianhu valley, and talk to the fox in Xianhu Valley, you will know, the pioneer of Xianhu Valley also included the ancient moon holy. However, the ancient moon holy seems to like the Red River, so there should be no descendant. However, I haven't seen any story in the game about the reason why the ancient Yue Sheng mentioned in the mark of the sky is unwilling to help Tuo Diyu, maybe that's not enough.
Then, Wei chi, the one in the mark of the sky, is red. Her positioning is the millennial fox which the ningke County lord received after arriving in China. Khan, with the power of Ning Ke's seal, probably cannot convince people, so I would rather believe that Ning Ke gave her any benefit to let her follow her. Er, this is probably the reason why the-year-old Lue has been refined. However, these two people gave me the feeling that they were derived from the "Feng Shen yiyan", the nine-tailed fox of xuanjicang's three demon, and the precious man of the King of jade, hu ximei, a chicken with nine heads missing. It doesn't matter if it doesn't matter. It's all about beauty.
When talking about Xianhu Valley, what we want to talk about is the sister-in-law flower in xuanyuan magic video-seven colors and nine days. Nine days later, my sister was stubborn and stubborn. She lost her mother's love, but she was not able to score points. Finally, she was finally heard of the demon pot. Later, the whole story was told by people who used to know it, so I won't talk about it. As one of the final bosses in the xuanyuan sword series, her position and strength should be the lowest. Sister's seven colors, weapons are WHIPS (the Queen), is an extremely sensible good fox, unfortunately, In order to redeem his sister, handed over his neidan back to the original shape. I always want to guess that this pair of sisters are same-egg twins. Generally, this pair of twins often have the same character, a very evil character and a very good character. However, it's just a guess. They are also beautiful women. By the way, there is also the fox extension in xuanyuan's magic record. Although it is the weakest one in the extension, it is definitely a good prop in the early stage.
There is a boss in xuanyuan jiansi that is a nine-tailed Tianhu. Ji Liang can learn about her tricks, and there is nothing to say about it, it's a pity that the monster of a beautiful image is made like that. Of course, the 9-tailed fox also appeared as a common monster in the sky, xuanyuan jiansi and cangtao. For combat purposes, do not pursue them.
There is also a very important fox in xuanyuan sword, that is, yunhu, but this post is about the strange thing. I won't discuss it anymore :)
The fox culture is far from that. I hope you will be more supportive of the Fox. Thank you.

Attackers of ancient times

I didn't know what the four ancient attackers said before I got into touch with the marks of the sky. I just treated these monsters as a separate existence, but I didn't expect them to like the four-person gang in ancient times.
There are also many popular versions of the four fierce ancient times, but in view of the xuanyuan world, we still use the settings in xuanyuan, chaos, he said that the ancient times were fierce. However, it is strange to say that, just as Yi you only appeared in the official biography of xuanyuan sword, the four ancient attackers only appeared in the rumor of xuanyuan sword.

Let's talk about it first. This monster was the first one I came into contact with during the four stages. It didn't take much time to learn its name. There have been too many descriptions about zookeeper recently, so I will not reference any ancient articles. I will directly use the explanation in xuanyuan sword: It is said that it was one of the four evil tribal leaders in yaoshun, after his death, he changed to a fierce and greedy giant beast, which looked like a leader, a leader, and a body with long hair. For the sake of wealth and greed, the greedy man came to the next generation as a "fail ". Such a description is really not cute (but it is cute in "terrorist pet shop ). There are many allusions to zookeeper. There is a saying that zookeeper is the first to become a zookeeper, but this is not consistent with the statement of the tribal leader, so it is not used.
As a supporting role of evil, the drama of Xuan Chen in xuanyuan is much higher than that of other three. At the beginning of the sky marks, Chen Yu was banned by haotian di in the fumo ancient mirror in the fumo mountain cave, and then misinterpreted by Chen Fu. In order to make up for his mistakes, Chen Fu blocked him in the cave together with himself, until the ancient Yue Sheng sent it to an unknown space by means of a pangu axe. If Chen jingqiu has not met Ding Ge in the magic rock, but fails to save his life on the south-Jiangnan Earth map, and finally fails to rob Ding ge of the treasure in the treasure of the sky, he has no chance to play again. However, the challenge is the game's stimulus. One of the three World of Warcraft is the most hidden, and zookeeper once again debuted. Khan, yundun, has the strongest strength in the sky. In addition to advanced water and soil spells, you can also use two peach techniques. The most terrible stunt will cause no attribute damage to all 3600 points, this is a terrorist stunt that cannot be completely defended against by a thing. We can regard zookeeper as an enhanced version of nangke County owner, and all the non-attribute damage of nangke is only set at, so more than a little more. Not only that, it is as amazing as it is, the soil, gold, and water system spell attacks can help it reply, the resistance to the wood system is also very strong, therefore, spells do almost no harm to it. The most effective method is to use the blue-lattice monster clothing, the assassination baolu and the Tamura, and solve it with a high level of rongo and throw. As for the growth trends in cangzhi Tao, the strength will be much inferior. The shape is not very good-looking. The only action to do is the skill of the intermediate Gold Series and the Fengling curse. What makes me unable to accept most is why it is in the summer island of the Kunlun community. Like a Man, it really has no face, with its fierce name, it should not be inferior to others. However, there is another possibility that the Tao in cangtao is not an ontology, just like the magic of the person watching the Tao in the dark of the sky.

Next, let's talk about chaos. This guy is cute and chubby. Also, I would like to cite the description in xuanyuan sword: It is said that it was one of the four evil tribal leaders in yaoshun. It looked like a dog, and it looked like a dog but no claw. It looked like a dog, but it was not heard of it, there are no five dirty people in the abdomen, walking and not open; because of both mixed and chaotic, the future people are called "Chaotic ". There are also many chaotic stories. The most interesting saying is that "Chaos" is the Emperor of heaven, but it cannot be found out. Later, his good friend helped him to open his mind and use a hammer to help him cut a hole every day, after the 7-way open, his life will be finished. I think its name is a good moral, but it is not nice. Instead of calling it "Chaos", it is better to call it "Apsara boys and pigs", haha ......
The traces of the sky are chaotic and hiding in the sound of the cold brakes. Er, I don't like to fight with it very much, because if I want to fight against it, I have to climb the tower one more time and it is very depressing. If you meet all the conditions and run freely in the sound brake, you can bring chaos out and enter the battle. Chaos will not be an odd technique, nor will it be restored. It will only use it to compress your body to your body. I think it's terrible, so a lot of meat on the body, it must be very painful, cold ...... Its attack power ranks first in the sky, which is 1500 points higher than the magic master with the second attack power, and the magic master's attack power is 1300 points, we can imagine how terrible the attack was. Fortunately, it only has single attacks. Otherwise, it is really hard to cope. The chaos in cangtao is only the guard of the Flying Fox as a magic beast summoned by the Tichen palace. I believe it should not be the ontology. As a phantom and an early boss, its strength is greatly reduced, but it has made great progress compared to the mark of the sky. First of all, it has its own feelings. Although it is not known that it is really angry, or it is just the illusion of small cars, at least it will use some actions to express its dissatisfaction. The next step is that it will use spells. Although only some intermediate soil spells will be used, there is nothing to say about the "Chaotic" spoof. It is really interesting to learn from far away.

It is the four most admired by domo. Let's take a look at the domo team's description of it: it is said that it was one of the four evil tribal leaders in yaoshun, and then turned it into a demon to harm the world due to resentment, therefore, future generations describe the evil attitude of people as "negative ". It's sad that there is no image description or character description. In addition, the last sentence is completely unconvincing. People now use "old man" and "Chaotic", but "old man" is truly unknown. In most cases, the attacker will point his finger at his father, that is, the hacker. He said that the hacker is a fierce behavior, which is probably the so-called "fail to learn, father-to-Father. Itself does not have much good deeds. This is "not a bad guy". It is also normal to have such a son.
Domo's abandonment of zookeeper lies not only in illustration, but also in the biggest hidden boss. Its strength is the weakest. Only some intermediate soil spells can be used for attack and defense. A little bit of a head stunt, that is, the third round of "No attribute damage" at, but only a single attack. However, although it is the weakest, it is much more troublesome to satisfy the conditions for its appearance than the other two. Its appearance must satisfy the occurrence of several combat events, but the probability of those combat events is very small and easy to ignore. Even if all the conditions are met, it is really not easy to find it. It appeared in the Lin Kemin pet war. The domo character standing in the middle of the Bashu tomb must have been depressing many players for a long time. How to get close to Lin Kemin is a difficult mystery of the past. In cangzhi Tao, its value is still not rising, and there is no space to play. It is just a guardian phantom called by the Tichen Palace. Although it is a boss, there is no freedom at all. It is so pitiful to be locked in the door of Jing. I like to see the scratches on it with its claws, compared to those fire spells that are useless.
Finally, I want to talk about it. Let's take a look at the description: It is said that Yao Shun was one of the four evil tribal leaders, out of the Yunshan, in the shape of a cow, full of hedgehog-like hair, sound like a dog bark, is a man of Warcraft. It is said that it is the son of Shao Hao ,. Note: "animals in the northwest are like tigers, and wings can fly. Attackers can eat people, know people, and hear people, renren Zhongxin often eats its nose, and Renren evil is not easy to kill beasts." I really don't understand why humanoid organisms have exclusive abnormalities, and there is no genetic disorder. However, ancient books basically believe that the poor are evil guys who hate truth, goodness, and beauty.
In the mark of heaven, poor Qi is a small role. As a monster used in the middle-and lower-level random battles, he appeared on the fairy hill island. His strength is similar to that of the Yunsheng beast. I think it is probably because its shape has no characteristics, and it cannot even be called as an evil, so it will become a zombie. After all, it is just a monster with a head portrait, but it is not as impressive as it is. It's not a fantasy, but it's only an option to start thinking after being attacked by a wooden spell. It does not care about attribute damage, but only physical damage (I have always used a common attack to solve it: P ). Cangzhitao seems to be trying to make up for the unfairness to the poor in the sky, so it turns into a mujia beast and appears in the game. In addition to being a boss, it also becomes a powerful tool for Che Yun, the artillery trick will not work if it is missing :)
I wrote about the four ancient attackers here. I hope they can be more active in xuanyuan, er, more beautiful.

Sifang holy beast

After talking about the four culprit in ancient times, I suddenly got inspiration. Let's talk about the four beasts. Oh, it's definitely a holy beast, not the three "remaining beasts ".

In fact, when it comes to the Sifang holy beast Qinglong, White Tiger, zhuque and Xuan Wu, I believe everyone will not be unfamiliar, and their popularity is definitely higher than those of the ancient four, their appearance rate is far higher than that of the four. Many games, cartoons, or novels have their shadows. For example, even though the four holy beasts in the fantasy Three Kingdoms are all human-shaped, they are still the names after all. The famous use of the four holy beasts in the cartoon should be the game of the unknown, and now the author is launching a new series of "Xuan Wu Kai Chuan". Therefore, xuanyuan cannot use these well-known actors.
Wei Shu of the Han Dynasty "Shang Shu kaoling Yun": "28, Tian Yuan Qi, the essence of all things also. Therefore, the Eastern Cape, Kang, Shi, Fang, heart, tail, and region are like dragons, which are called canglong. The Western seven stars, Kui, Lou, Wei, Ang, Bi, Jiao, and ginseng are like tigers, the name is white tiger; the Southern well, Ghost, Liu, Star, Zhang, wing, and yunlian are birds, and zhuque; the northern dipper, ox, female, virtual, dangerous, room, and wall, like a turtle, Xuan Wu (feeling like writing the book of four gods of heaven and earth, haha )."
The following describes the four holy beasts.

Qinglong, the holy beast of the East, belongs to the wood, and the color belongs to the blue, which is also called "Qinglong. Dragon is a symbolic totem of China. It can be regarded as a collection of N animals. In the mountain sea Sutra, there are many records about dragons, but they are generally used as mounts. Although it is a mount, the dragon is still very dominant in China, so one of the most holy beasts has no objection. Another point is that only the Chinese dragon is irrelevant to the wings of the Western dragon. (I like the dragon in the TV version of "log on to the Island ).
I plan to write the dragon post later. I will not talk about it here. Let's take a look at Qinglong's performance in xuanyuan. Qinglong's first debut was in xuanyuan Jianli, which appeared as Nicole's strongest water attribute spell. Its name was "Qinglong cloud screen ". Wow, to be honest, the "four holy beasts" series of spells are the most memorable spells of the xuanyuan sword series so far. Until now, I feel pretty, and 3D spells are not comparable to 2D spells. That trick can be learned only when Nicole reaches the 59 level. The water property hurts 3500 points. Basically, I have very little patience. It usually appears after I modify it. That trick is the only one-to-one attack of the four holy beasts. It is also the same in the sky marks, but in order to cooperate with the Chinese tradition, it is changed to the wood series spell in the Orthodox five elements. In addition, the status is much lower, as long as Chen jingqiu 44 level can learn, for the wood damage 2800 points. Well, there is also the "Qinglong lingzhu" to improve the resistance of the Qiu mu System in Chen Jing, which can be obtained at the early stage of yuehe cave. This magic weapon is also available in xuanyuan sword sanli, but to install additional information files, Wang Fu in Dongping-gun can be on the left side of the stone belly, improve water property resistance. The official login of the four holy beasts to xuanyuan sword is in xuanyuan magic record, but it is estimated that many players have never been involved in this game. I hope domo will consider making xuanyuan magic record an RPG form, i'm dreaming. Xuanyuan's magic book used the name of the four holy beasts in Sifang Shura. He was the least liked by Sifang Shura. He looked blue and had a gloomy personality, thin makes people feel insecure. Qinglong Shura's strength is not too high. It's just a mentor. After the appearance, many villagers become monsters and only belong to the mid-term boss. Although Qinglong appeared in the tianshu world, xuanyuan jiansi has no holy beast settings. The four holy beasts in the treasure have completely degraded into a concept, but the importance has been improved a lot. Qinglong's spirit is a very important place and item in the plot.

The god of the South is zhuque, a fire, and the color is red, so it is called "zhuque ". Zhuque can also be used as a "Phoenix" or "". Speaking of this Phoenix, it should be easier to understand. It has many well-known features, such as the rebirth of the fire and the king of birds. Speaking of Phoenix, the other thing is that Phoenix has its own nature. Phoenix is a hero, and female is a hero. It cannot be confused at will. I personally think that this zhuque is the most beautiful of the four holy beasts. For example, the early work of the rich man, the White Book, is much more elegant than the other three.
In xuanyuan jiansong, zhuque appeared as a high-level fire-attribute spell "zhuque zhenwings", which was acquired at 48 levels by saite. The total fire damage was 1500 points. I think this spell is the ultimate masterpiece of the four holy beasts. It is very beautiful and absolutely worthy of the beautiful zhuque. Especially when zhuque flew over, I felt so excited when the two aperture rotates alternately. In the mark of the sky, this trick is naturally the extension of the Fire Property of Yuer learning, 49 levels of acquisition, the total harm of 2700 points, compared to the saite that the move is much higher. The magic weapon to improve the fire resistance is "zhuque huoyu". xuanyuan Jianli can be obtained in the wangfu treasure chest of Dongping-gun. In the marks of heaven, Cheng Yijin will naturally be obtained. Zhu Que Shura is the most beautiful type in Sifang Shura. Not only is it beautiful, but he is also the leader of Sifang Shura. Unfortunately, he is too conceited, so he was betrayed by his men and hurt by nine days. However, the beauty is the beauty, and his strength is definitely not weak. There are zhuque and zhuque in cangtao.
The god of the West is White Tiger, which belongs to gold, and the color is white, so it is called "White Tiger ". The shape of the tiger is fierce, but it can also be used to drive ghosts from evil spirits. When the Feng shuishi explores the cemetery, the terrain that is protruding on both sides of the terrain can be used as the place of the tomb, all with a unique title, called "Left Qinglong, right White Tiger", taking the meaning of its guard, in the public hall, there is also the same decoration. On the right and right bar, there are dragons and tigers painted to suppress evil spirits. However, this saying "Zuo Qinglong and Zuo Baihu" always reminds me of being killed by Dr. huatai by the instructor in "Tang bohu's qiuxiang". It's really funny. Bai Hu is also used to say that the ancient brave man, but such a person's life is relatively hard, will ke people, if it is a female, it will be even worse, it will be Kefu, cold ......
The "White Tiger and star fall" trick was learned by Kama in xuanyuan, but its level is limited to 60, daily, and highest level. However, all the damage to the wind attribute at is worth learning because other spells do not have their right. Zhang lie learned this trick in the mark of heaven, but the power is greatly reduced, only 2800 points of gold damage, so the level of learning has also dropped a lot, as long as 51 levels. The life of the "White Tiger wind tooth" magic weapon is very bad. It was placed in the Shaolin wooden lane in xuanyuan sword sanli, where it put three magic weapons, divided into three routes, but could not go back, that is, select one from three. Therefore, according to the normal channel, it only has a 1/3 probability of occurrence, and its function is to improve the Wind Property resistance. It is even worse in the sky. Bai Hu belongs to gold, but none of the four protagonists belongs to Gold. Therefore, it is completely abandoned by domo. Bai Hu Shura is the first shura to appear in xuanyuan's magic record. Although he is fierce, he seems to be the kind of person with a record. It's not so annoying and long, he is much better than his brother Qinglong Xiu Luo and is a pioneer in Sifang Shura. There are the shadows of the white tigers and the white beasts.

The god of the North is Xuan Wu, which belongs to water and is black. Therefore, Xuan Wu is called a "Xuan Wu ". The most interesting thing about it is its image. At first, Xuan Wu's image was a tortoise, but he did not know where to start. The snake's image was combined with it until it formed the final form of competition. "Xuan" refers to its color, and "Wu" refers to its appearance. I don't know if I have read "North Travel Notes". The embodiment of the Jade Emperor cut down his stomach and intestines before the Tao became immortal, and his belly turned into a turtle and his intestines turned into a snake, it is believed that the image of the tortoise and the snake is closely related to Taoism.
"" Is the only one of the four holy beasts that has been modified in use. Xuanyuan jiansong was learned by Li Jing at 48 levels. All the earth properties hurt 2000 points. Apart from Xuanwu Hengkong, the background was broken stones. Because Xuan Wu belongs to the water, the background is changed to the vast ocean. Zhang lie, a member of the five elements belongs to the water, learned that although he has learned more than 47 levels, his power is huge, all water system injuries: 2800 points. Not only do spells have been modified, but the magic weapon's appearance and name have also been modified. Xuanyuan Jianli can increase the property resistance of soil, which is called the "Xuanwu Earth" and placed in the wooden lane of Shaolin. As for the sky marks, it is called the "Xuan Wu", which is used to increase the water system resistance. But I don't know why. In the whole game, you can find two "Xuanwu secrets", except for one of the three-tier treasure boxes of the Set Dugu County Main Tower, in the wooden tree cave that should have been placed in the "Sand-Dust beads" dedicated to Xiaoxue, a "Xuan Wu" (Xiaoxue is really poor) is also put ). Xuan wushura is the general of Sifang Shura, probably because it contains two features of the tortoise and the snake, so it looks relatively calm, but it is very tricky in the bones. The first one who betrayed zhuque is him. Xuan Wu's enchantment and Xuan Wu's Huang in cangzhi Tao.
The potential of the Sifang holy beast should be great. I believe that it will still appear in the xuanyuan sword world for various reasons. I believe everyone should be familiar with Sifang's holy beast. I just sorted it out and laughed at it here :)

Speaking of the Sifang holy beast, I would like to recommend you to read the heoluo book serialized in the shinkansen novel. It looks good and is the only motivation for me to buy the magazine, recently, the river also has a standalone book. Some people who like to watch mythical stories may wish to see it.

Five Elements

Er, after talking about Thursday, let's talk about Thursday five. When talking about the Thursday five, we naturally need to talk about China's most famous yin-yang five-line theory.

First of all, you must read the "line" in "Five Elements" (xing2), not (hang2). Many people often read errors. The concept of "Five Elements" should be familiar to anyone who has played some games. I don't know when the concept of "Five Elements" will be widely used in the game, except for single-host games, it is often used in online games. However, the introduction of the Five Elements in xuanyuan sword should be relatively early, and has been used since xuanyuan Jianer.
Five-row learning is a philosophical thought created by ancient Chinese people. It uses five kinds of material in daily life: gold, wood, water, fire, and earth elements as the basis for the formation of the universe and various natural phenomena. These five types of materials have different attributes, such as wood growth and development; fire is hot and upward; soil is peaceful and solid; gold is kill and converged; the water is cold and moist. The five elements refer to the five categories that include the nature of all things in nature. Five Elements Form Five stars in the sky: Venus, Jupiter, mercury, Mars, and Saturn. On the earth, there are five gods: gold, wood, water, fire, and Earth, there are five virtues: Benevolence, righteousness, courtesy, wisdom, and faith. Ancient people think that these five types of material form a series between heaven and earth. If Jupiter on the sky changes, the wood on the mind and the benevolence of the people will change accordingly, this kind of superstitious astrology is derived from the interaction of heaven, Earth, and people as the theoretical basis. (This section is for reference and is unknown to the author)
The relationship between the five elements is also an important part of the Five Elements theory, and it is also the relationship between them that many such concepts will be introduced in the game. The relationship between them is actually in line with the ancient people's living habits and natural patterns, so five elements is a philosophy that is not too much. Five elements: Golden Water, aquatic wood, wood fire, fire earth, gold. When it comes to jinshengshui, It is a headache in the next generation. Why is it made of metal? This is really unacceptable. However, we cannot look at this matter in the current way of thinking. Instead, we must look at it in the way of the ancients. Later I reviewed some books and others' discussions on this aspect. The best explanation I can see is: in the mountain Sutra, the part of the mountain Sutra records a lot of metal minerals, along with these minerals, there is always water. Therefore, the ancient people do not think that water is made of gold or water. Aquatic wood, this is completely the need for plant growth; wood fire, look at the current wild barbecue will know; fire soil, the ruins of the fire should not be hard to imagine; zhujin, general minerals are mined in the soil. Five phase grams: Fire grams of gold, gold grams of wood, wood grams of soil, soil grams of water, water grams of fire. Huoke gold may be affected by the ancient metallurgical forging industry; jinke wood should be affected by the ancient logging industry; Mu ke earth, er, uses "preventing soil erosion" to explain whether it is appropriate or not; tuke water, remember the saying is "soldiers come to block, water comes to cover", isn't the dam also soil, I think the ancient people may not know the decomposition reaction of water on the fire, which is also known as "water and gas", but it is still the king of fire fighting.
As mentioned above, xuanyuan Jianer introduced the concept of "Five Elements". However, at that time, there was no reference to the issue of Shengke, except that different five elements were used for treatment. But to be honest, if there are no herbs, the treatment of xuanyuan Jianer is really painful.

By the time it reaches the mark of the sky, the five elements have been fully utilized. Not only are the main character, but almost all monsters have the five elements attribute, which makes the game more extensive. Chen jingqiu belongs to Mu, belongs to the soil of Xiao Xue, and belongs to water of Zhang lie, and Yu Er belongs to fire. In addition, the character attributes have a great relationship with the character's character: A Qiu's young vigor, xiao Xue's simplicity and kindness, Zhang lie's generosity, and Yu Er's nature like fire. Of course, you can't forget the cute five-line ghost. Although you can only recruit one at a time ...... Very cute. The game also has a variety of accessories or magic weapons to increase the character's property resistance, but the depressing thing is that this only applies to the property of people. There are also spells. All attacking spells have attributes, and the effects and names of these spells are very elegant. "In the East, the sky is the wind, and in the earth is the wood; in the South, the sun is hot, and in the ground is the fire; in the center, the sun is wet, it is dry in the earth; dry in the west; dry in the sky; gold in the earth; cold in the north, cold in the sky, in the "water" field (from the "Internal Classic, simple question, Yin and Yang Yingxiang", there is a cut-through section )." Fire, water, and earth do not need to be explained. This golden spell is shown in the form of thunder. It is not difficult to interpret the phrase "Western dryness", which produces static electricity, and the electricity in the sky is not thunder. As for Mu, I don't need to explain, "the sky is the wind in the East! Er, there is also a magic weapon for the Five-line disk, which can change the temporary attribute during the battle. No setting of the Five-line attribute is available in Xuan San, but nine attributes are available. I prefer that setting. attributes are more helpful.

Xuan Si has no five-line settings, but has returned to the attribute settings of Xuan er and fengzhiwu. However, the setting of the five lines in cangzhitao is back. This setting is wider than the sky. Even weapons carry attribute attacks, but I think it is not as rigorous as it is. Cloud Fox's attack has the ability to carry fire, and the sword technology that wins poetry also has the style of the Earth attribute. That far away will not go any further, and it will have three series of spells of gold, wood, and water, in addition, the fairy track field of The Book of Heaven can actually grasp all the attributes of the magic, which cannot be said to be a damage to the game's balance. The protagonist can get ornaments that turn into various attributes. This setting is even more Bt. If you know the opponent's series of spell attacks, it is quite easy to win. What impressed me most is the white tiger on the island of winter. It generally only uses spells to attack, and all of them are gold spells. So no matter who fights with it, you can easily pass the test without getting hurt. I bought the official strategy and listed the attribute of the Japanese messenger as the light series. tanyue is a thunder series, and Mu yunrou is an ice series, cold, I really don't know whether this is the original domo setting or the author's own conjecture. I feel uncomfortable after reading it.
I would like to add some additional instructions. The five elements and Yin and Yang are often inseparable. The two are complementary to each other. The five elements must combine yin and yang, And the yin and yang must be the five elements. Yin and Yang said that as early as the Xia Dynasty has formed, it believes that the yin and yang two kinds of opposition to the gas is the source of everything in the world. Yin and Yang are the same, and everything grows. In the sky, various natural meteorology forms are formed, such as wind, cloud, thunder, and rain. in the earth, the earth forms such as rivers, mountains, and rivers are formed. in the east, southwest, and north directions, the climate is spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Yin and yang theory is also introduced in the marks of heaven, which is a magic Magic mirror, but the magic weapon is first hidden on the wood, it is not very easy to find, the "tianlei" command added by this magic weapon is not entertaining, so Yin and Yang are not introduced in xuanyuan sword.
I don't think I can write anything about it. Everyone is smiling. Don't laugh at me.

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