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Yahoo! Software Architecture engineer Dave Beckett and Yahoo! Tom Hughes-Croucher from the developer network replied about Yahoo! Open strategy (y! OS) and talked about Yahoo! Future open plan.

The open-source and cracking spirit has long been our culture. Now, we are opening up more things. Hughes-Croucher said, Yahoo! We plan to extract data from their sites for people to share. Y released this week! OS 1.0 launched a social kit designed to integrate Yahoo! Almost everything is open to developers, including content, traffic, and Yahoo! .

Y! OS: what does it mean for developers?

When asked about Yahoo! Hughes-Croucher said, Yahoo!
Its strength lies in its ability to access historical data, which can help achieve a better user experience. Of course, the premise is that the user's permission has been obtained. If we use this data and use grid computing
Some data for processing, we don't have to let users import their address book, we already know the data, Beckett
In the end, this is the user's own data. However, this is not only limited to user data, but we also use searchmonkey to add search data.

To simplify developers' work, Yahoo! They are also working on APIs for sites such as Flickr and delicious. They also have APIs similar to Yahoo! Query Language (yql) technology, which simplifies the query language. Hughes-Croucher.

When asked about Yahoo! If you want to use yql to lock users on their query language standards, Hughes-Croucher said that this is not the case. Many large companies are developing their own dedicated solutions for standards, then it becomes a general system. Openid is an example.

Y! OS: openness and Socialization

Yahoo! Not only has it become more open, but with the release of a new universal user profile service on Thursday, it has become more social. Yahoo! Profiles provides a central console for users to manage their distribution in Yahoo! Social relationships in the web.

Says Hughes-Croucher, Yahoo! Unlike Facebook, profiles connects all your important social relationships. Yahoo! Profiles is only Yahoo! In the first stage of the open strategy, it allows you to establish social relations first, and then continue to launch more things. He added.

The meeting host, Hank Williams, said before the meeting began: Yahoo! It is a micro-version Internet, and all its businesses will help us know when and how we will enter the Web 3.0 era.

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