Yan Jiehe Excerpt from his speech at the Forum on management innovation and Entrepreneur Growth

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When talking about management innovation, I feel deeply touched. enterprises start from the foundation and manage. This is the most basic, and the high-end is the talent. Management should of course be a problem that people must stick to. Chinese-style enterprise management is quite different. China is human-centered, Europe and America are thinking-centered, China is leader-centered, and Europe and America are team-centered, china is based on law and morality, while Europe and the United States do not recognize morality as the criterion. From here, we can see how important the Chinese people are. Now, China's human nature is everywhere, I think this is a wonderful China. We need to talk more about people. An enterprise's business is to stop and remove people. Today, we are talking about the relationship. for Chinese-style enterprise management, I can concentrate on two words-manager. Manage your own business while managing it. . What is the inertia of people, or two words-people, people who use it better get twice the result with half the effort, people who use it worse and worse. What is our philosophy of employing people? At the same time, I would like to talk more about the level of design, the title, and the competence. Experience, ability, qualifications, contribution, morality, and specific behavior Style . I have mentioned that the diploma is more advanced, the title is more competent, the experience is more competent, the qualifications are more contributions, and the morality is more elegant, especially the last sentence, some people on the Internet say it is a mental disease. I say morality is inherent. A noble morality must be manifested by a good behavior style, so that morality can be highlighted. Otherwise, it is useful to say nothing about morality and do not do anything about morality. The key to employing people is educating people. EMBA is the best education institution, the best place for educating people. The length of employment is short for accommodating people. Educating people is not only about using people, but also about using people without doubts. rational suspicion is about the best protection for capable people, generally, emotional trust is a major harm to human beings. Educating people tells us that failure is the mother of success, and that success is the mother of failure. Just now, it is a kind of sensibility and reason, The sensibility is to use people to avoid doubts, and the reason is to say that people are suspicious and suspicious people are to use . We encourage them to be bold and provide them with sufficient tuition. However, if you are older and experienced, you cannot advocate this idea. It tells us that you have not succeeded permanently. The only failure is that success itself is not normal, success is a staged success, and it should be a treasure and treasure to success. How long will it take to succeed. Just now, President Zhang explained the moderate principle and made four statements by educating people. First of all, he was good at discovery, caring, being calm, inclusive, and generous. He found that talent is ten or even one hundred times more important than Training Talent, discover individual and find a very good person, just do it with less training. Discovery is more important than training. Especially for business, it is more important to be born than the day after tomorrow. Business relies on IQ. . Shandong big dyeing Square's big East family does not have high IQ, why is business.

From managing people, employing people, to educating people, it depends on believing that helping people, the question of good faith that our elders just talked about, belongs to the moral realm, how to behave with key figures, and where your personality charm is, there is no doubt about the IQ, talent, and ability of enterprise leaders. This is calledDacheng is in Germany and xiaocheng is in intelligence. Let's talk about the virtues of Dacheng and ask him about his own. Virtue accounts for 75% of his own, and Cheng asks him how his IQ is. IQ accounts for 75%. Xiaocheng's talents are more important than morality, and Dacheng's talents are finally favored. Therefore, I do not fully agree that traditional education has cultivated both political and moral integrity, the key character is in front of talent, and is known as both ability and political integrity. I am talking about Chinese-style enterprise management. We don't have time to read so many books, and we see a lot of correct and general capturing and editing things. It is not unreasonable to step by step, however, I am confused about what you get after reading what you get. There is no way to learn from the sea. Let's talk about management.

The transition from a market economy to a planned economy is a shortage economy. The shortage is not a matter of fact. The Chinese economy has also gone from the Third Plenary Session of the 11 th CPC Central Committee to the Third Plenary Session of the 16th CPC Central Committee, the Chinese economy has begun to pay more attention to quality. The era of business first has arrived. The market is the parent of food and clothing. If the market is well managed, the loss of operation means that the economy is good, which can make up for a large number of management deficiencies, the success or failure of an enterprise depends on management. Other factors are irrelevant. management accounts for 75% and management accounts for 25%. In addition, the key from management to operation is people. Everything is done by people. How important is people? We just talked about the Peak. We can see that enterprise is no longer human. Because management and operation can be cloned and imitated everywhere, and talent can flow and be mined and trained, only the original ecology is the industry. What are you engaged in.

I have been a top manager of the company for 25 years. I comment on what is the most important thing. The industry is the original ecology, and cloning cannot follow suit, and it cannot flow. In the age of production capacity, our industrial innovation and upgrading of the industry are as derivative as possible, so we will not go further, this is what we need to consider when doing business. Some people look at our money for others and extend down. This is a manifestation of mental retardation. It is normal that the world earn money from the world. If your company is not large, the sooner you die, the more people will go from economies of scale to economies of scale. The extension of the industry to upstream is an improvement, and the extension of the industry to downstream is typical of putting yourself down. The lower the upstream market, the narrower the profit margin of downstream games, and the higher the market degree. So I think this industry is crucial to any enterprise. For example, Bill Gates caught up with the industry era. Now, the new Bill Gates IQ is one hundred times that of Bill Gates, and Microsoft cannot be born. We recall how the family industry got it more than a decade ago. What is it now? What's more, how are private enterprises doing well? How are the whole enterprises growing bigger? Are we thinking about today's auto industry five to ten years later? Therefore, the innovation of the industry and the constant upgrading of the long night are only things that we really need to consider when we are a company. It depends on the importance of the enterprise. The first is the industry, the second is the talent, the third is the operation, and the fourth is the management. . First-class enterprises adopt standards and culture, second-class enterprises adopt brands and capital, and third-class enterprises adopt projects and products. Here I would like to say that the third-class enterprises are not good at all, do not take the "three streams" as an underflow. If the three streams have no gold medal, they will show an optimistic silver medal. Today, we are talking about moving from manufacturing in China to creating in China. This is not an authority. China cannot be without manufacturing in China. This is the root. Who will feed 1.3 billion people? Our home appliances were not made in Japan? We are both creating and manufacturing now. It is impossible for us to make our cars from manufacturing to manufacturing and how well they can be created from manufacturing in China. Manufacturing-oriented, manufacturing accounts for 75%, and creation accounts for 25%. China will surely be the world's first manufacturing power in the future and become the world's first creation power. I don't think I can see it in my whole life, what will happen after decades? We advocate the overall concept with Chinese characteristics. First-class, second-class, and third-class enterprises generate entrepreneurs, In my mind, first-class entrepreneurs only do things, second-class entrepreneurs do things first, and third-class entrepreneurs do things first. In the past, the language of the young people we cultivate is the language of the officialdom. The officialdom advocates being a person first and then doing things. If it advocates this, the Enterprise will certainly be poor. Who will provide a platform for human beings, what qualifications do you have. First, the key leaders will discover and praise You, promote you, and let you do business and live like a person. To be a company is a trilogy: do things first, then do things, do things less, do things while doing things, do more things less, just do things without doing things. If people are doing well and things have not changed, they will be successful.

an entrepreneur should be a team. first-class teams only work together without competition, the second-stream team is both cooperative and competitive, while the third-stream team is only competitive without cooperation . The team should have cooperation as much as possible. We often say that 360 degrees of orientation are called friends, even if they are hostile, they are excellent, if you hurt the enemy, won't you hurt the good? Why do you hurt your talents. Why can't I take the initiative to sell myself to others, show myself and show me about hostility? I also know about hostility and develop a scheme. If I find that I am more hostile and accept it, I will hold 60% of the holdings, hostile 40%, if almost, each account for 50%, if I am not as hostile, no matter how determined to lead, you 60%, I 40%. Who are the key figures in the team? The EMBA manager here, I think it is better to sell less than 1 billion of the general manager's output value. The annual output value can be the president in 10 sense, the first-class General Manager only cares about people, while the second-class General Manager manages both people and affairs. The third-class General Manager manages affairs regardless of people. The third-class general manager has no way to do anything. The chairman of the board is domineering and manages too much. It is best to send a ticket to, only care about people. If the chairman of the board is outstanding, take care of others. Then, the president of a large company was promoted. The first-class president was the president of the company, the second-class president was the president and the second-class president, and the third-class president was the slaves and slaves, fearing that the president was incompetent, slaves are unwilling to do this. Why is the first-class president garunai? The President's ambition, talent, and determination are everywhere, but the flexibility of the President and the low-key nature of the President are everywhere. Why does the first-class president say that I am a good man, at this time, when the rural rice was golden and heavy, he bowed his head. He knew that the clear compromise was noble. As a company, we often say that we only need to do things well and do well. This is the face. From now on, we don't know what face is. Even if we want to be a cow, a horse, or a dog, we have no regrets, feel very valuable, as long as the company is done. From enterprises, teams, general managers, and presidents to foreign capital, state-owned enterprises, collectively referred to as businessmen, first-class businessmen are savvy and well-intentioned, second-class businessmen are savvy and well-intentioned, if people are not hurt everywhere, they will be abducted and counterfeited. This is what Mr. Liu says about dishonesty.

Everyone has a dream, especially EMBA. I want to be an entrepreneur in the future. I will talk about What entrepreneurs are in my mind when China's market economy plan is an excessive country throughout the year, in my mind, entrepreneurs have gone through four major hard work after 33000 training. They have all understood and understood it. They are closely related to the company and master the five major authoritative authorities as their styles. They have done a great deal of work in 33000, I have suffered a lot of injustice and have experienced great hardships. Unlike Zhe Shang's 40.04 million, he has to work hard. You are not dead, and you are a dead person. The concept of death and death is two. After four hard times of practice, a solid theoretical and cultural site, a hard enough market operation experience, and a calm response to and control emergencies, always highly sensitive and alert to enterprise opportunities and emergencies. This effort should be more difficult than one, highlighting the five major lines in two stages as the style, and then reading five books, Political economics, law and morality, Chinese scholar and literature, Industry Culture, philosophical Sociology These books are closely related to enterprises. Small enterprises can not talk about politics. Large enterprises cannot but talk about politics. Many domestic entrepreneurs do not name them because they do not speak about politics. The capital chain of an enterprise is not terrible, and it is not terrible if it is broken. I am not an entrepreneur as a boss, and the capital chain of a small enterprise is broken by 3 million. From the creation of life to the enjoyment of life, the creation of life for the name and struggle, enjoy life for life, create life is noble, enjoy life is beautiful. What you fear is political force blocking, not from creating life to enjoying life, but from creating life to suffering life, which is terrible. I believe that people who study legal ethics as an enterprise will be willing to give in to us if they want to seek peace. Do not say anything as much as possible, because the person who has been the plaintiff is incompetent, not being fooled or cheated. Do not forget that I am the plaintiff. If the plaintiff is often incompetent, enterprises cannot do well. Do not be accused as much as possible. Often the defendant, no matter how the defendant explains it, it is also a rogue expression. In one sentence, the plaintiff represents incompetence, the defendant represents rogue, and the company tries its best to make peace as expensive as possible. In the past, there was no need to talk about Chinese culture. Industry Culture was just introduced. Culture is a corporate culture. Many people do not understand corporate culture. We 'd better not read it. It's a waste of time to read it. Philosophical sociology is the supreme productivity. in the traditional sense, science and technology are the first productive forces. mental labor is natural science. The Chinese society should warn the Party and government leaders in the past that, as Confucius said, "The gods and things flow to the sky, the science is incomparable with the intangible science of the Third Plenary Session of the 11 th and the Third Plenary Session of the 13 th CPC Central Committee. Therefore, with the passage of time and political changes and economic changes, many of our thoughts and ideas must keep pace with the times. The science of this scientific ideology is Philosophy and Sociology, is supreme. After reading this book, we will highlight the two great behavioral styles. In the first stage, we will shape the cultural character and pursue excellent psychological qualities. We will call our friends at 360 degrees, and we will improve ourselves in a wonderful age. What is an excellent psychological quality to understand and never understand what others do not understand us. 360-degree call is a friend, but the enemy is excellent. Do not hurt the enemy. If the enemy is hurt, it will hurt the excellent. More cooperation and less competition. What is the style of the top five major lines? Self-confidence is not proud, successful people are confident but not proud, decisive and not arbitrary, self-esteem is not conceited, rigorous and not detained, contentment is not satisfied, Self-confidence, not self-Pride, decisive and not arbitrary, self-esteem and not conceited, rigorous and not detained, content is not satisfied , Six roles. The evangelist of enterprise culture, the promoter of enterprise change, the promoter of communication platform, and the cohesion of Team strength are so tired that entrepreneurs are neither human nor God nor willing to be a ghost. In particular, we are a top-notch entrepreneur in our country. We don't know whether we are people or what others say. He knows that he is not a god. This is a Chinese-style entrepreneur. From the enterprise to the entrepreneur, I will talk about two issues: one core issue, how to get to know this society, and let the society understand us. We will talk about politics. We will talk about politics at noon today, not politics, do not be emotional. Do not understand clearly, At present, we are sure that we have achieved the goal of achieving a person with lofty ideals and how to achieve a person with lofty ideals. This is a great difficulty and a harmonious problem. . Pipe proposed to learn the way, Lao Tzu proposed know how long, know the longer the more Ming, Confucius proposed the use of gifts and expensive, Mencius proposed time is not as good as the location, the location is not as good as people. Xunzi proposed the wise, the world is also big. In the doctrine of the mean, we are talking about harmony. What we make up is different. People say that the gentleman is different. The villain is the same but not the same. Only the person is different, and the person is truly inside and out, A harmonious and chorus atmosphere. This includes my name, which makes it difficult for me to be a person to do things. When I was a child, I was told why this name was used. When I was a person to do things, it was very difficult for us to do things, and we were able to control things by ourselves, it is more difficult to take responsibility for an accident and cannot be controlled. Major events must be strict with others, and strict with others. Yan is always-changing, and is always-changing, but also a long life, do not look down on and, and look down on Yan, It is not mature. When it is strict, the sum is not lost, and the sum is strict, and the sum is strict. How can I change from the age of my twenties to the Age of my 30th, from an arrogant personality to a flexible personality, from a crazy passion to an restrained passion.

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