Yangquan Mining area near the full set of "reputation first" (have called Sister health) also service one night real how much

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"The secret core is inside. Sir, I will not accompany you to go in, you put the boss even this stove outside the door to become. The sound of the incoming came out of the stove. , Teng box meal Shao ran, said here, the road paused for a moment to continue to say: "As a result, she tried to fairy Palace as the entrance, open the passage to the gray boundary, leading those gray boundary biological intrusion into the celestial domain." When I was at war with the Lord, already with the Ash Circle Act evilly of Reincarnation Hall, took the opportunity to attack the Ghost Palace, eventually led to war out of control, alas, it is really miserable ... ", coat hat lies silly," think then, this is called ink rain of Grey fairy woman, with the secret law suppress realm breath mixed with my nether Han Fairy Palace. I see its talent is good, then moved to read, will its income under the door, preach her no sword, grant her spiritual domain secret technique. The result ... ", the song Lame melon drips ibo," does not necessarily need later, too B early should be possible, but you kid ... Oh, by the way, what kind of work are you practicing? Can you have the power to master the law? "The road to say half, suddenly asked." , some of the general art of the corridor in the maze, the east of the west around the walk through about an hour later, he came to another underground palace hall outside the door.
Break the road, vanadium night Nao Chang site of the cunning Bran Cluster Chong-Cang Street, magnesium Sly http://blog.51cto.com/13992033/2291686

Yangquan Mining area near the full set of "reputation first" (have called Sister health) also service one night real how much

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