Yetanotherforum. NET + screwturn wiki enhanced Chinese Simplified Chinese version (07-16 updated: Update to v1.2.3 new display Forum moderator information, repair wiki Chinese search) (GPL protocol Source Code released)

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This program is Teddy for more convenient collection of a variety of parenting knowledge, ready to hold a parenting Forum + wiki website 5jbb. com, and for yetanotherforum. net's latest version 1.9.1 RC1 (net V2.0)-version 2007-5-16 and screwturn wiki's latest version 2.0.11-2007-7-3 are hand-written, integrated, bug fixes, and feature enhancements. Here we will share the complete program source code to everyone. This is truly free (GPL protocol), powerful and stable ASP. NET 2.0 Chinese Forum + wiki program!

5jbb. com has not been deployed yet. I don't know where there is a better ASP. NET 2.0 VM. Who can recommend one? Or sponsor a better ^-^.

Thanks to btwo for providing server space. Now 5jbb. com has been built and can be accessed. You are welcome to come and exchange parenting experience as a fucking programmer!
(If you are interested in this program, you can also intuitively experience the running effect. Refuse junk Information !)

Complete source 
(Note 1: You must install vs2005 and Web Application Project template to open the 5jbb. com. sln file in the zip package)
(Note 2: The default Administrator account and password of Wiki are admin. You can modify web. config of Wiki and specify the default admin password)

I would like to use this program to give my baby daughter a smile and all new Saturday programmers and friends ~~

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Yetanotherforum. Net original version: version 1.9.1 RC1 (net V2.0)-2007-5-16
Screwturn wiki original version: version 2.0.11-2007-7-3

Modified by: Teddy

5jbb. com Chinese version: Version 1.2.3-2007-7-16

Open-source Protocol: GPL


1. added the topics page of the Forum to display the moderator information of the current forum;
2. Fixed the Wiki's Chinese search bug;

5jbb. com Chinese version: Version 1.2.2-2007-7-15

Open-source Protocol: GPL


1. added the urlrwwrite feature for wiki. For some English servers, when urlrewrite of Wiki contains Chinese (or even urlencode,
The URL rewrite address cannot be correctly identified. In this case, you only need to add the deleetting ["disableurlrewrite"] = "true" setting in Web. config of Wiki,
In this case, the Wiki can run correctly;

5jbb. com Chinese version: Version 1.2.1-2007-7-14

Open-source Protocol: GPL


1. Fixed the issue where you cannot log on to the Wiki immediately after registering a new forum account. Instead, you must disable and enable it again in the Forum Management Area of the Wiki.
Yetanotherforumuserprovider can log on to the Wiki bug;

5jbb. com Chinese version: version 1.2-2007-7-13

Open source Protocol: GPL update:

1. Added yetanotherforumuserprovider to the Wiki;
2. Use yetanotherforumuserprovider to integrate the Wiki user account to the Forum;
3. subscribe to the user registration page of the Wiki, forget the password, and modify the user page to the corresponding page of the Forum;

5jbb. com Chinese version: Version 1.1-2007-7-12

Open-source Protocol: GPL


1. Perfect original Chinese Version screwturnwiki (including background management), corrected some official Chinese text, English instructions, CSS and images;
2. added a random Verification Code consistent with the Forum on the page for registration, logon, creation/modification, and discussion of the original screwturnwiki version;
3. added a wiki link to the top menu of the forum. This link can be set by appsetting ["wikihome"] in Web. config;
4. added the Wiki button for the UBB editor of the Forum, allowing you to insert a wiki link to any external wiki system in Forum articles,
You can set the display template of the Wiki link by setting etting ["wikilinktemplate"] in Web. config,
In UBB format, you can use [wiki] keyword [/wiki] or [wiki = keyword] keyword DESC [/wiki].
To add a wiki link;
5. Integrate screwturnwiki and Forum (including user account integration). During installation and deployment, set the main directory and Wiki directory
ASP. NET 2.0 applications;

5jbb. com Chinese version: Version 1.0-2007-7-10

Open-source Protocol: GPL

Modify yetanotherforum. net in the Chinese version of 5jbb. com:

1. the user interface is in perfect Chinese format, including the Chinese and JS scripts that have fixed errors in the original version and the non-Chinese English in the UBB Editor (the background management part is still in English );
2. Fixed the bug where urlrewrite failed to locate the resource when posting the topic to be reviewed in the original version or entering the login page outside the homepage;
3. Fixed the bug of Javascript script error under flatearth skin in the original version;
4. Add a custom prefix for the URL displayed in the browser. For example, the page prefix of all URLs in the original version can only be yaf _,
The modified version can be set in Web. config, and replace all yaf _ in the urlrewrite regular expression with the custom prefix,
For example, modify the default 5jbb _ version _;
5. added the permission to customize all RSS profiles and copyright information. The original version is fixed to the original version,
You only need to set the parameter etting ["rssdesc"] and parameter etting ["rsscopyright"] in Web. config;
6. Added cookie-based Automatic memorizing of Forum categories and folding information when the last user left the website;
7. added a forum category that allows default folding. You only need to set the value of appsetting ["defaultcollapsedforumcategories"] in Web. config.
Is the id value of the Forum category separated by commas );
8. added a Random verification code to the registration page, logon page, post/modify topic page, and reply topic page;


Installation steps:

1. Decompress all the code to a directory.

2. Copy default. config to Web. config, and modify <connstr> to point to the created database to set write permissions for the upload directory and Wiki directory;

3. If the program is not installed in the website root directory, for example, if you install the Forum in the/FORUM/directory, you need to add a root in the yafnet configuration block in Web. config,
For example, <root>/FORUM/yaf/</root>;

4. Open./install/default. aspx, for example, http: // yoursite/FORUM/install /;

5. Admin permission is required for the installation process;

6. The default admin password of the Wiki can be set from appsetting ["masterpassword"] in Web. config In the Wiki directory;

7. log on to the Wiki as admin and configure yetanotherforumuserprovider In the backend management provider. modify the configuration content to the connection string of the Forum program in step 2;

8. If you have modified paietting ["pageprefix"] in the Home Directory web. config, you must modify userregisterredirectpage, userprofileredirectpage, and userlostpasswordredirectpage in the web. config file in the Wiki directory;

Forum run:

Wiki running:

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