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Development has been dry for three or four years, the salary is not much, high-tech also can't see, learn. Look at the high prices, hope and sigh, retreat and deter. Technical circle of suffering and who knows ah! What to learn to doomed Ah!

Don't panic! Small series This will give you a chop, in the technical circle learn what the most earn RMB:


Average annual salary: 20-30w

Java as an object-oriented programming language, absorbing the various advantages of C language, but also abandoned the difficult to understand the multi-inheritance, pointers and other concepts, is to take its essence, to its dross. Its simplicity, distribution, security, platform independence and portability make it unique in a proliferation of languages, making it possible to program apes to do complex programming in an elegant way of thinking.

Nowadays, the teaching training of Java language is more mature, whether it is self-study video or professional vocational training course, Baidu searches a dozen.

Application Scenarios: Desktop applications, Web applications, distributed systems, and embedded system applications.


Average annual salary: 30-50w

since the early 1990s, when the Python language was born, he has been widely used in system management tasks and web programming. Because of the simplicity, legibility and extensibility of the Python language, there is an increasing number of research institutions that use Python to make scientific calculations abroad, and some well-known universities have used Python to teach programming courses . For example, Carnegie Mellon's programming fundamentals, MIT's Introduction to Computer science and programming are taught in the Python language, and today Python has become one of the world's most popular programming languages, and since 2004, Python's usage has grown linearly, with a bright future.

Whether it is a web crawler or Big data processing, a line of simple and readable Python code will be a great tool, is the so-called life is too short, I use Python. The foundation is simple, the grammar is concise, as the Open source language outstanding representative, the Internet The study resources inexhaustible, for Python learners to attach a GUANGPI bar-self-taught!

Application scenarios: Big data, System management tasks, Web programming, Network crawler

Top 1--cka

Average annual salary: ≥100w

If you've heard of containers, you know Docker, Kubernetes, and Istio. So congratulations! The door of the next era is opening for you.

CKA (Certified Kubernetes Administrator) is the CNCF Administrator certification program, which is officially launched by the Foundation (Cloud Native Computing Foundation), The ability to demonstrate that the holder has the knowledge, skills, etc. to perform kubernetes management.

In addition to providing certification for personal skills, companies wishing to join the CNCF Foundation's KCSP Program (kubernetes certified service provider) also need to pass CKA certification exams for at least 3 or more engineers.

Nowadays, the number of people passing through this exam has exceeded 2000, and the higher the top gold is.

In the face of such a chance tuyere, do not seize the back point and wait for how long time it! Become Gaofu, marry mating, embark on the peak of life can rely on Cka!

However, in the face of the good and bad training institutions, qualified network teaching class, high prices, poor quality can do?

Find Huawei Cloud!

Huawei is the CNCF Foundation's start-up member, Platinum Member, Kubernetes TOC member, in the Kubernetes Community contribution to the global ranking third, the country first, with 12 seats maintainer, is one of the CNCF Technical Supervision Committee 9 seats, K8S Community Technical Guidance Committee is also one of the 13 seats, but also the first batch of KSCP (Kuberenetes certified Service Provider) certification of one of the manufacturers.

As a founding member & Platinum Member of the CNCF Foundation, Huawei has accumulated deep expertise in container and cloud-native technology, with the industry's leading technical team, including 1 members of the CNCF Technical Supervisory Committee (only 9 worldwide) and 1 members of the Kubernetes Project Technical Steering Committee (13 worldwide). 12 CNCF Open Source project maintainer. At the same time is also the first KSCP (Kubernetes certified serviceprovider) certification of one of the manufacturers.

Huawei Cloud in order to let more people understand kubernetes, learn kubernetes, expand Kubernetes Camp, promote kubernetes ecological development, so that more domestic companies to benefit from Kubernetes, Huawei Cloud Container Team has long been committed to kubernetes in the domestic use and promotion, organized the online, offline salon, training and other forms of activities, training belongs to the online learning course series.

The first k8s basic series of courses was completed in August 30, the series is mainly for kubernetes two times developers, the content of K8s Architecture explained and the principle of implementation of the main analysis (Click to watch the course video)

The second series, "Kubernetes Administrator training," will start, the series of courses mainly for the general users of Kuberntes, the content of how to use and maintenance of kubernetes-based, in mid-September formally started.

This series of courses, referring to the Cka (certificted kubernetesadministrator) * Knowledge system for course design, combined with Huawei's practical experience in the Kubernetes project promotion process, Theory + Practice allows users to quickly master Kubernetes's use and maintenance skills.

Training format: Huawei Cloud Vision Online Live

duration of training: 8 hours, 45-60 minutes per lesson, starting from mid-September, one to four 7:30

Training lecturer: Huawei Cloud Container team lecturer

training materials: with the lecture ppt

Training Fee: Free

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You are only 45 minutes away from the million annual salary!

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