You can deploy and run the QQ high-profile version Gg v3.7 on the wan to optimize video chat and control more details.

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In the wide area network, due to the complex structure of the network and the ever-changing real-time conditions, there are many challenges to achieve a satisfactory effect for video chat in the wide area network. This release of GG 3.7 tries to make some efforts on this side. According to my own test, compared with the previous version, the video chat effect of the new version GG is indeed greatly improved. This article will not only share Gg's latest source code, but also share some of the optimization experiences of voice and video chats I have summarized in previous projects.

I. gg v3.7 new function display

The optimization of video chat is mainly reflected in the following points. To facilitate the introduction, I will put the Form Design of videoform here:


1. display the microphone status (enabled or disabled) of the recipient in real time.

2. Real-time display of the opponent's camera status (enabled or disabled), in B.

3. Real-time display of the encoding quality of the target video, medium D. Value Range: 0 ~ 31. The smaller the value, the clearer the video.

4. Policy for controlling the video encoding quality of the other Party: Adaptive according to network conditions, or manually specify the encoding quality (select excellent, good, medium, and poor from the drop-down list ). In C.

5. Control the switching between high-resolution (640*480) and low-resolution (352*288) video capture from the camera. E.

6. Real-time display of network channel status (similar to signal strength ). In F.

7. The check box on the interface is used to control the small window for enabling or disabling your camera, microphone, speaker, and displaying your video.

After Gg runs, the video chat is as follows:


Ii. Video Chat optimization experience

We will not talk about the source code of this Gg update. It is relatively simple to download and view it by yourself. Next, I will summarize my previous experience in video chat optimization.

If the network condition is quite good, You can naturally choose a smooth HD video conversation (such as a high frame rate, a high collection resolution, and a high Video Encoding quality ). However, reality is always cruel. Therefore, we must make trade-offs and trade-offs based on the actual situation.

1. Ensure smooth speech first.

(1) the traffic of voice data is small, generally less than 5 K/s. However, voice jitter requires a high level of network jitter, and a large amount of network jitter will lead to a single-card speech.

Although Gg uses the omcs built-in jitter buffer jitterbuffer, it can only alleviate the Card problem to a certain extent, at the cost of increasing the voice latency.

(2) avoid sending a very large volume of data blob at one time through TCP, because this will cause any voice data packet to be unable to be sent during blob sending. We recommend that you split the large blob into multiple small pieces for sending.

2. When the network is poor

(1) first reduce the camera's collection resolution, for example, remove the "High Resolution" option on the above form.

(2) If the video or voice is still card, the video encoding quality will be reduced. For manual adjustment, the video encoding quality is reduced in sequence: Excellent-> good-> medium-> poor.

(3) It can also reduce the frame rate collected by the camera (set in the server configuration file). Because Gg automatically discards frames based on network conditions, this operation is not necessary for GG.

(4) If the voice is still stuck, turn off the video and only perform voice-only conversations. Remove the check mark in front of the "camera" on the form and remove the check mark from the other side.

3. Be sure to selectDedicated bandwidthRemember, exclusive. In my experience, the free Mbit/s shared bandwidth offered when I rent a server in an IDC is not as good as the 5 Mbit/s dedicated rent.


Iii. gg v3.7 source code download

Gg v3.7 source code

Note: The gg.exe file compiled by gg2010is often falsely reportedVirusIn this compressed package, I deleted the gg.exe generated by the customer. You can compile and generate it by yourself.


I wrote a separate article about the latest overview of GG and how to deploy, database, and trial account, for more information, see the overview of gg2013, a high-profile QQ edition, which can be deployed and run on the WAN.

Welcome to discuss with me about gg2013, My QQ: 2027224508, a lot of exchanges!

If you have any questions or suggestions, you can leave a message or send an email to my mailbox: [email protected].

If you think it's good, please try again.


You can deploy and run the QQ high-profile version Gg v3.7 on the wan to optimize video chat and control more details.

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