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1, the contract has not been signed not to have a strong enough to ask the designer to make a few plans to come out, a country previously promised to be responsible for the elderly, the results of how you understand.

2, a penny do not pay on the chest to ensure that the scheme is satisfied with the money, although the customer is God, but God is also a favor to the people, mutual benefit, advance to account, the small universe began to operate.

3, upstream in addition to large projects paid than the draft, do not accept any other form of the manuscript, only to accept one-on-one cooperation, is to uphold the bottom line of dignity, but also to the design work of respect.

4, the first plan to talk about the price of the company can only prove that they are in trouble. Why, then?

5, if you saw the design company many successful cases still have doubts distrust their words, can only prove 2 things, first: you have no vision, second: still have no vision.

6, the price of the situation there? If the United Nations let me design the Galaxy emblem, without the revision of a draft, I can completely free, and a full set of VI. The hidden value of the scheme is far beyond the design time, and everything is possible.

7, today signed a contract tomorrow will you give more than 10 programs, and all are high-end atmospheric grade, such companies have, outside the Milky Way, even if he is willing to cooperate with you, tolls you can not afford.

8, the fastest rise is not the house price, is the design fee, some customers a year of the hatchet expensive do not cooperate with us, come back again, wringing, more expensive.

9, signed a contract to pay, does not mean that you are big ye, an excellent planning and design may lead to your brand success, so respect your partner, excellent design companies in the acquisition of respect after the energy is absolutely amazing.

10, because the special relationship signed a low-cost design do not be happy too early, your solution may be intern Shong, if you are naïve to think that the director will be dedicated to your brilliant brilliant plan to prove your smart, I can only say you are really pure.

11, please do not put your heart to the results of the desire to describe to the designer, and with you with cheap ballpoint pen carefully drawn rough sketches, the audacity to let designers casually changed on the line, such a work cost 100 Yuan roadside copy shop PS little brother minutes to help you fix. Once an advertising master said: "Since you bought a dog, why do you want to call it?" Rough!

12, the scheme is not satisfied? We would rather be beaten up than accept that there is no reason to say: Anyway, I just do not like, a few more programs such a collapse of the words. We are not only willing to accept and greatly welcome the truth-telling communication, but the good plan is the result of joint efforts of both sides.

13, a good sign you follow the painting just 1 minutes, Nike's only 5 seconds, but from the conceptual design to modify the completion of at least one months or more, the so-called simple is just superficial.

14, the excellent design company will suggest you use which plan, instead of giving your options to your choice, if you're smart enough to let your company come up with a show of hands, and the seven Aunt eight of the views of the gathering together, asking designers to integrate, the design scheme from the garbage heap is not far away.

All said here, so strongly recommend a "designer anti-stamp screen guide."

15. Cooperation is risky, the Masters have many cases of cattle B, unsuccessful they are not written in the book, the failure of the case will always have, the responsibility of both parties, with the heart of the theory, no one good company is willing to do for that point design fee to do a crappy thing to smash their own brand.

16, do not owe the design company's money, unless you really on the when, although the designer will not like the peasant workers to take the kitchen knife in your house downstairs, but they are very good at integrated communication, design circle is very small, many times, no one is willing to cooperate with you.

Finally attached to the designer are very much like a picture, is also a work guide, recommended printing:)

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