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Many friends have just set up a blog when the use of domestic excellent blog system: Z-blog, with a period of time after many people want to transfer to WordPress, a variety of reasons for the transfer. The main reason for learning a friend is that Z-blog officials do not maintain upgrades to blogs for a long time. Everyone knows a free open source system for others, over time virus, loopholes will become more and more, if the loss of official maintenance, the system will eventually be eliminated.

At first, learning friends also found a lot of transfer on the Internet case, information. Finally found some summary of the beginning of the transfer, the transfer process is not as easy as imagined, encountered many problems, especially after the transfer of the system after the URL address failure problem, title problem, which is a great blow to SEO.

 Transfer preparation:

Before the transfer of the total station data backup, preferably not in the current space above the transfer, preferably a new purchase space, data replication in the past on the new transfer. Is that the transfer failure does not affect the site's normal access and transfer failure can be tested multiple times to achieve the best results. Strive to transfer the time to the site is only the domain name of the 10 minutes of the effective time to resolve.

Note: Please buy a Linux host.

Z-blog system export All data:

Download plugin: Z-blog Perfect transfer to Wp-movabletype transfer tool

Z-blog Install Plugin

Enter the background of the Zblog--Plug-in management--Import ZPI files locally--select (Movabletype.zip)--and then submit, as shown in the figure, to enable the plugin after the installation is complete.


Go to plugin management--and then click Manage on the right side of the MovableType plug-in to export the content, as shown in the figure:


Here Li Xuebong to focus on the data export has exquisite.

To learn a friend's blog, the format of the column page such as http://www.***.net/seo/

Inner page format such as: http://www.***.net/post/123.html

Column page of the radical can be easily set in the WP program background, but the internal page format to be one by one, it is more difficult. such as Z-blog when the http://www.***.net/post/123.html address after the transfer to change the article is still this address. The radical of the page before Z-blog period is:

Http://www.***.net/post/id.html, this ID is the database background automatically generated article number (continuous, but if the article published Midway and deleted the article, the ID will not automatically reduce, if you encounter a deleted article then the ID number is empty, If the direct use of all of the tools to export, it is bound to be all continuous, after the import to WP will obviously dislocation after the export data I looked at all the previous data file ID, found a few gaps, specific continuous article as shown in the following figure:


Then I'll only have to export in batches, the specific export file is as follows:


Export can be exported tags, comments, content, etc., according to their own needs to choose, click on the submission can be, as shown in the picture above, save a good file. As long as the export when there is no error, it will be fine.

 WordPress System Import Data:

Before you import data, set up a fixed link for WP:

Because of the previous study of the content of the page address: http://www.***.net/post/id.html So now I just need to set this, as shown:


Special NOTE: Please buy Linux host, if it is Windows host WP system will automatically in front of the address plus column name category, relative to the optimization of the current situation is a bit difficult. Unless you change the functionality of WP. such as: www.***.net/category/post/123.html. Install plugin remove category, plugin name "WP No category BASE–WPML compatible"

into WordPress backstage--Tools--Import--movable Type and typepad--Select the "*.asp" that you just generated, and then click the upload file and import it, as shown in the figure.

Note: The maximum size of the file is 20M (depending on the space limit, different size), if the Zblog article too much, the resulting file is too large, then we can be divided into several operations (pay attention to the gap above), such as a total of 100 articles, the total size of 30M, Then we can make the first 50 posts, then 50 after the formation. Control the volume under 15M and upload it to WordPress.


Special Note: WordPress, before importing data, make sure that the automatic increment of the article table is already there. If your newly installed WP program has published articles, then his AutoIncrement ID number is not starting at 1. If you import the above data, all will be misplaced. How do I look at it? Locally installed navicat for MySQL database client (Baidu can find cracked version) or directly using the space provider's online database viewer. View WP new database inside the Wp_posts table. As shown in figure:


If the way "AutoIncrement value is not 0, then you need to clean up the automatic increment of the table" SQL syntax for cleaning up the automatic increment value of the MySQL database as shown in the Black section is your database name. After writing, select Execute.


 Actual operation:

The above is the entire transfer process of technical operations, now follow the learning to work together. Also, WP's automatic increment of the database article table starts with the number 2. That means the system numbered 1 is accounted for. Then our article will be introduced from 2.

Let's take a look at the continuity of the article on the peer blog:


It can be seen from the figure that the number 1 system will be retained, 2-5 consecutive, 7-18 consecutive, 20-30 consecutive, 32-37 consecutive, etc., learn to take a few of the front as examples to explain, the following and the previous steps of the same procedure. It can be concluded that the ID of 1 with a reservation ID of 6 without an ID of 19 without an ID of 31.

Step: Then we directly import the previously exported files into WP. First import 2-5.asp file, we tested, all article one by one corresponds to the previous Z-blog address, and there is no dislocation. If you're out of alignment, you'll need to clean up the automatic increment of the MySQL database table, as mentioned above. Then analyze the reason to come back.

Special Note: WordPress After the installation is completed do not click to publish articles, because WP has the ability to automatically save drafts, he will occupy your ID number.

If the above 2-5 import is successful, the URL one by one corresponds to that we say 6 how this ID is occupied. The above said WP has the ability to automatically save drafts, he will automatically occupy the ID number, if you use the practice of publishing an article to take up ID 6, that's wrong, because in the process of publishing this article every once in a while WP program will automatically save the draft, if you write this article for a long time not only is the ID of 6 occupied, It is possible to 7,8,9, etc. will also be occupied, so can not use the release of WP article system published articles. Unless you turn off WP's automatic save drafts feature. That can only from the original z-blog system above the export of a 1 posts file, in WP and then import, so that the perfect occupancy ID 6 position.

We continue to import 7-18.asp, after the import is completed to understand whether it corresponds to the previous URL one by one, and then import an article continue to import 20-30.asp, and so on, and so on, each time the import completes need to check whether one by one correspondence, find the reason. If there is no corresponding, then clean up the database automatic increment from the new.

Conclusion: The above is z-blog perfect import wordpress URL Chapter of the whole process, if you still have not understand can contact to learn friends. Do not need you to do a lot of 301, do not need you to monitor each page URL is a problem. Changing the program to implement URL one by one corresponds so simple. The next article introduces the use of plug-in all in one SEO and other useful WP plug-ins, as well as the conflict between the plugin and the current template (Shanghan template).

This article starts A5, comes from: http://www.xp178.net/post/1589.html has not understood may contact learns the friend, pushes a technical detailed explanation Foundation 9 Group 122567971 welcome you to join

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