zabbix3.x Installation Illustration Tutorial

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Preparation of Knowledge:

Zabbix3.x compared to the previous 2.0 interface has changed a lot, but the installation and deployment process is basically the same as the 2.x.

1. zabbix2.x Installation Illustration Tutorial


2.CentOS 7.0 compile and install nginx1.6.0+mysql5.6.19+php5.5.14


3. Zabbix Package Download



Upload zabbix-3.0.1.tar.gz to the server/USR/LOCAL/SRC directory below

Installation deployment:

Please refer to the zabbix2.x installation illustration tutorial

First, create, import Zabbix database

CD/USR/LOCAL/SRC #进入软件包下载目录

Tar zabbix-3.0.1.tar.gz #解压

Cd/usr/local/src/zabbix-3.0.1/database/mysql #进入mysql数据库创建脚本目录

LS #列出文件, you can see that there are Schema.sql, Images.sql, data.sql three of files

Mysql-u root-p #输入密码, enter the MySQL console

Create database Zabbix character set UTF8; #创建数据库zabbix, and the database encoding uses UTF8

Insert into Mysql.user (Host,user,password) VALUES (' localhost ', ' Zabbix ', Password (' 123456 ')); #新建账户zabbix, password 123456

Flush privileges; #刷新系统授权表

Grant all on zabbix.* to ' Zabbix ' @ ' localhost ' identified by ' 123456 ' with GRANT option; #允许账户zabbix能从本机连接到数据库zabbix

Flush privileges; #再次刷新系统授权表

Use Zabbix #进入数据库

Source/usr/local/src/zabbix-3.0.1/database/mysql/schema.sql #导入脚本文件到zabbix数据库

Source/usr/local/src/zabbix-3.0.1/database/mysql/images.sql #导入脚本文件到zabbix数据库

Source/usr/local/src/zabbix-3.0.1/database/mysql/data.sql #导入脚本文件到zabbix数据库

Note: Please import in the order above, otherwise an error will occur.

Exit #退出

or so Import

Mysql-uzabbix-p123456-hlocalhost Zabbix </usr/local/src/zabbix-3.0.1/database/mysql/schema.sql

Mysql-uzabbix-p123456-hlocalhost Zabbix </usr/local/src/zabbix-3.0.1/database/mysql/images.sql

Mysql-uzabbix-p123456-hlocalhost Zabbix </usr/local/src/zabbix-3.0.1/database/mysql/data.sql

Cd/usr/lib64/mysql #32位系统为/usr/lib/mysql, note that the system version may not be the same as the file version, this is 16.0.0

Ln-s #添加软连接

Ln-s #添加软连接

Second, installation Zabbix

1. Add Users:

Groupadd Zabbix #创建用户组zabbix

Useradd zabbix-g zabbix-s/bin/false #创建用户zabbix, and add user Zabbix to user group Zabbix

2. Install the dependent package #CentOS使用yum命令安装

Yum Install Net-snmp-devel Curl Curl-devel mysql-devel

Note: If the above package is installed when you install the Web environment lamp or LNMP, this step can be ignored

3, Installation Zabbix

Compiling and installing the Libiconv Library

Download page for package


$ make

$ make Install

2. In the/usr/local/lib/directory, copy the required library file,

Ln-s/usr/local/lib/ #添加软连接

/sbin/ldconfig #使配置立即生效

cd/usr/local/src/zabbix-3.0.1 #进入安装目录

./configure--prefix=/usr/local/zabbix--enable-server--enable-agent--with-net-snmp--with-libcurl--enable-proxy- -with-mysql=/usr/bin/mysql_config #配置

Make #编译

Make install #安装

Ln-s/usr/local/zabbix/sbin/*/usr/local/sbin/ #添加系统软连接

Ln-s/usr/local/zabbix/bin/*/usr/local/bin/ #添加系统软连接

Description: Find/-name mysql_config lookup location, if not mysql_config, need to install Yum install Mysql-devel

4. Add the port corresponding to the Zabbix service

Vi/etc/services #编辑, add the following code at the end

# Zabbix

Zabbix-agent 10050/tcp # Zabbix Agent

Zabbix-agent 10050/UDP # Zabbix Agent

Zabbix-trapper 10051/tcp # Zabbix Trapper

Zabbix-trapper 10051/UDP # Zabbix Trapper

: wq! #保存退出

5. Modify the Zabbix configuration file



Dbname=zabbix #数据库名称

Dbuser=zabbix #数据库用户名

dbpassword=123456 #数据库密码

Listenip=localhost #数据库ip地址

Alertscriptspath=/usr/local/zabbix/share/zabbix/alertscripts #zabbix运行脚本存放目录

: wq! #保存退出



Unsafeuserparameters=1 #启用自定义key

: wq! #保存退出

6. Add Boot Script

Cp/usr/local/src/zabbix-3.0.1/misc/init.d/fedora/core/zabbix_server/etc/rc.d/init.d/zabbix_server #服务端

Cp/usr/local/src/zabbix-3.0.1/misc/init.d/fedora/core/zabbix_agentd/etc/rc.d/init.d/zabbix_agentd #客户端

chmod +x/etc/rc.d/init.d/zabbix_server #添加脚本执行权限

chmod +x/etc/rc.d/init.d/zabbix_agentd #添加脚本执行权限

Chkconfig zabbix_server on #添加开机启动

Chkconfig zabbix_agentd on #添加开机启动

7. Modify the Zabbix installation directory in the Zabbix boot script

Vi/etc/rc.d/init.d/zabbix_server #编辑服务端配置文件

basedir=/usr/local/zabbix/ #zabbix安装目录

: wq! #保存退出

Vi/etc/rc.d/init.d/zabbix_agentd #编辑客户端配置文件

basedir=/usr/local/zabbix/ #zabbix安装目录

: wq! #保存退出

Third, configure the Web site



Chown Www.www-R/usr/local/nginx/html/zabbix

[Email protected] mysql]#/usr/local/zabbix/sbin/zabbix_server

/usr/local/zabbix/sbin/zabbix_server:error while loading shared libraries: open Shared object file:no such file or directory

[Email protected] mysql]# ln-s/usr/local/mysql/lib/

# If the 32-bit system needs to be connected to/usr/lib/under 64 bits put to lib64

Note:/usr/local/nginx/html for nginx default site Directory www for nginx running account

Service zabbix_server start #启动zabbix服务端

Service Zabbix_agentd start #启动zabbix客户端

Iv. modifying PHP configuration file parameters

1, Vi/etc/php.ini #编辑修改

Post_max_size =16m

Max_execution_time =300

Max_input_time =300

: wq! #保存退出

2, vi/usr/local/php/etc/php-fpm.conf #编辑修改

Request_terminate_timeout = 300

: wq! #保存退出

Service php-fpm Reload #重启php-fpm

V. Installation of the Web

Open in Browser:

Here are some of the installation

Next Step

System operation and maintenance warm reminder: qihang01 original Content © Copyright, reproduced please indicate the source and the original link

Check the system environment settings, must all be OK, in order to continue

Next Step

Configuring MySQL Database Information


Database Host:localhost

Database port:3306

Database Name:zabbix



Next Step

Next Step

Next Step

Finish installation Complete

Account: admin

Password: Zabbix

Sign in Login

As shown

Modify the Web interface to Chinese

1, modify the system configuration file, so that the Web page support Simplified Chinese display

vi/usr/local/nginx/html/zabbix/include/ #编辑修改

' ZH_CN ' = = Array (' name ' = = (' Chinese (zh_cn) '), ' display ' = False),

Revision changed to

' ZH_CN ' = = Array (' name ' = = (' Chinese (zh_cn) '), ' display ' = true),

: wq! #保存退出

2, replace the system default font #默认字体不支持中文 on the monitor image, if not replaced, the image will show garbled

A Chinese font file is copied in the C:\Windows\Fonts directory in the Windows system, such as Msyh.ttf

Upload the font file Msyh.ttf to the Fonts folder in the Zabbix site root directory


To back up the default font file: Dejavussans.ttf-bak

Modify the Msyh.ttf name called Dejavussans.ttf

Finally, modify the configuration information to change the default language to Chinese

Language:chinese (ZH_CN) #简体中文

At this point, the zabbix3.x installation illustration tutorial is complete.

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zabbix3.x Installation Illustration Tutorial

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