Zhengzhou investigated 11 faulty vehicles in one night, and the block number card was deducted for 12 points.

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The law enforcement teams subsequently changed their strategies, and the east and west joint law enforcement teams were divided into three groups to split their heads and move them out of the tracking of luxury cars. It works. During the night, 11 faulty vehicles were investigated.

If you fail to obtain your documents within three days, you are deemed to be without a license.

At 02:29 yesterday, at the intersection of Changjiang Road Passenger Technology Road, law enforcement officers blocked a muck truck whose license plate was Yu au9525. During the inspection, they found that the car did not carry relevant procedures and temporarily detained the car.

According to regulations, the owner can go to the Municipal Urban Management Bureau for handling within three days. If the owner fails to obtain the relevant documents within three days, the owner is deemed to be punished without a license.

Overload truck Viaduct under investigation

At 00:40, on the viaduct at the intersection of the West Third Ring Road, there were a lot of broken cement blocks and muck, which lasted more than 10 meters. The law enforcement officers found two faulty muck trucks at a distance of 100, whose plate numbers were Yu ab2861 and Yu av1181. They were all vehicles of Zhengzhou Jinyun earthwork Clearing Company, and their roof was not tightly closed, omission during driving.

The number plate is blocked and the driver is deducted 12 points

The South Fourth Ring Road of Songshan South Road is 100 to the north. A stone vehicle with a license plate is retrograde for Yu ar2083. Driver Li said his car was broken and he was retrograde looking for a car repair.

This stone car is filled with stone and is not covered or blocked. The license plate number is covered by sludge.

Because the transportation of bulk goods is not closed, vehicles are temporarily detained. Driver Li was deducted 12 points and fined 200 yuan for the dirty number card.

Zhengzhou bairong World Trade Center black cars

At 01:20, near Zhengzhou bairong World Trade Mall of zhengping road, a truck with the license plate number Yu ar9928 was driving with the dregs while the truck had no ceiling. 10 minutes later, another Yu av2597 truck was immediately intercepted because it had no ceiling for Muck transportation.

The two truck bodies are marked with Henan juntong and have not been converted to the ceiling. The two drivers did not provide the construction waste disposal certificate.

Yu ar9928: The driver handed over the key. After he got off the bus, the law enforcement officer drove away. However, Yu av2597 closed the door and refused to cooperate.

Later, the boss brought more than 10 "villagers" nearby and surrounded the trucks to avoid detention.

After several jobs, half an hour later, the boss handed over the key of Yu av2597 and signed the registration certificate (registration credential) temporarily on the vehicle.

Poor sealing of muck Transportation

Fined 6000 yuan

The municipal joint law enforcement brigade said that at present, only Henan ab2861 and Yu av1181 of Zhengzhou Jinyun earthwork clearing and transportation company have been fined 6000 yuan according to regulations due to poor sealing of muck transportation, yesterday afternoon, I paid a fine to allow the vehicle. Other vehicle units and the car owner did not go through the penalty procedures.

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