Zhimeng cms cannot update the article space exceeds the upper limit or the permission causes dedecms to generate the article report 500

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1. Folder permissions may cause dedecms to report error 500

For example, if the directory generated by your article is/a/20136/xxx.html, if the folder a has no write permission, the error 500 will occur.
In the beginning, I thought it was another method of getting rid of the website space. As a result, dedecms was unable to generate an article because the space provider had changed its permissions without permission. If something went wrong today, I immediately went to the space to view the permissions, check the permission carefully and find that the permission is correct.

2. dedecms cannot generate articles because the space limit is exceeded

Most websites use virtual hosts. Generally, the size of the host space is several hundred MB. However, the constant updating of articles and downloading of image space is full, which will lead to the failure to generate articles, this is actually the same as that at. When the space is full, there will be no write permission.
Then immediately update the actual size of the space used. The actual size of the remaining space is already 10 MB. After finishing and deleting some articles, the remaining space will eventually become a positive number, excited to open and generate an article in the background of the version Network. The result is still 500 error. dedecms's/include/common has been replaced. inc. the PHP file shows an error message to open, but the error 500 still does not prompt where the problem exists,

I finally suspected that the website was hacked. I went to ftp to check which files on the website were recently modified. Finally, I found/include/inc/inc_fun_funString.php, I found this file was modified yesterday. I immediately downloaded it and opened it with DW.

<? Php

Exit ("Request Error! ");

$ Str = preg_replace ("/<sty (. *)/style> | <scr (. *)/script> | <! -- (. *) -->/IsU "," ", $ str );
$ Alltext = "";
$ Start = 1;
For ($ I = 0; $ I <strlen ($ str); $ I ++)

Obviously, this file is damaged and the content is incomplete. After copying the file from the latest dedecms installation directory and uploading it to the space, dedecms reported the 500 error and finally solved it, however, until now, I am not sure that my website has been hacked, or the file has been damaged due to excessive space. However, the problem will eventually be solved, as 500 errors are difficult to troubleshoot and php debugging is troublesome, I would like to share it with my friends who want to help me with similar problems on the website. If you encounter 500 errors, there is a better solution, welcome to share with us.

Speaking of this, I am talking about how to add 500 page knowledge:

500 Internal Server Error.

500.11 server error: the application on the Web server is being closed.

500.12 server error: the application on the Web server is restarting.

500.13 server error: the Web server is too busy.

500.14 server error: Invalid application configuration on the server.

500.15 server error: you cannot directly request GLOBAL. ASA.

500.16 server error: Invalid UNC authorization credential.

500.17 server error: The URL authorized storage cannot be found.

500.18 server error: The URL authorized storage cannot be opened.

500.19 server error: the file data is incorrectly configured in the configuration database.

500.20 server error: The URL authorization domain cannot be found

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