Zhong Zhi-Open Intelligent Classroom Training System construction Plan

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Construction scheme of open intelligent classroom Training System 1 Smart Classroom Project development background
1.1 Internet of Things technology

With the popularity of network coverage, people have raised a question, since the ubiquitous network can become the omnipotent tool of interpersonal communication, why can't we use the network as the tool of communication between objects and objects, the tools of communication between people and objects, and even the tools of human and nature communication? As a result, the development of Internet of things technology came into being. The Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of connected physical worlds that "communicate with everything", with full perception, reliable transmission, and intelligent processing, which enables the connection of any time, place and object. can help to realize the organic combination of human society and physical world, so that human beings can manage production and life in a more granular and dynamic way, thus improving the information ability of the whole society.

The Internet of things is divided into three parts from a technical point of view: comprehensive perception, reliable transmission, intelligent processing, is an extension of traditional embedded technology, including from ARM interface Technology, sensor interface technology, microcontroller driver applications, wireless network technology,ZigBee Wireless communication technology,6LoWPAN Wireless communication technology,IPV6 Wireless communication technology, embedded operating system, advanced embedded network communication, Smart Cloud middleware,Android mobile applications, embedded server programming, Learning of curriculum resources such as intelligent data analysis and mining

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Internet of things and smart hardware

The content of the Internet of Things is the dialogue between people and things, when air-conditioning, cars, kitchens, schoolbags can take the initiative to "dialogue" with people, provide its services, nagging its complaints, it has been intelligent. The future of the Internet of things will dramatically transform existing infrastructure devices, using embedded technology to implant intelligent brains into devices that create vivid, intelligent hardware.

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Internet of things and sensing networks

The information interaction of modern society is inseparable from the network, and the intelligent hardware needs to be transmitted through the network. Due to the stringent requirements of low cost / low power consumption of intelligent hardware, wireless sensor network technology is derived. IoT disciplines require the ability to develop comprehensive sensing network knowledge including:ZigBee,Wi-Fi,Bluetooth,Rf433mhz, power carrier,IPv6 and other network of sensors. In particular, IPv6 technology is the future development trend of IoT sensor network, can support seamless access to the Internet, in the establishment of ZigBee Wireless sensor Network course, on the basis of the extension of IPv6 technology is particularly necessary.

Internet of things and smart gateways

The Internet of Things sensor network belongs to domain network, in order to realize the remote interaction, it is necessary to carry on the farther data transmission through the Intelligent gateway. The development of Intelligent gateway includes embedded Linux operating system, embedded network programming, embedded database design, concurrent threading and message push technology.

Internet of things and Zhiyun middleware

The Internet of Things (IoT) is an upgrade to existing traditional facilities, which will bring a large amount of sensor data information and interactive log information, the construction of a regional internet of things data center is the most important in the construction of Internet of things information, and the design of intelligent cloud middleware based on data center is the core link in system design. Zhiyun middleware involves many technical contents such as cloud computing, big data, data analysis, data storage, data concurrency, data mining and so on.

Internet of things and system applications

The application development of the Internet of Things is mainly based on two parts: the b/S architecture expert system based on the industry and mobile Internet-based mobile application development.

The multi-functional IoT lab, which covers every IoT technology knowledge point, conforms to current talent training needs, and can combine traditional computer, electronic, software, communication and other related disciplines to give full play to the experimental role of laboratory in different course learning.

After nearly a decade of development, the Internet of things has now risen to a core of electronics and computer science. From the current industry development, the research direction of the Internet of Things is mainly based on five emerging areas: intelligent hardware, sensor networks, smart gateways, smart cloud middleware, system applications.

1.1 the Smart classroom of the Internet of things

Smart classrooms are a form of digital classrooms and future classrooms. Smart Classroom is a new type of education and modern teaching means, based on the internet of things technology, intelligent teaching, personnel attendance, asset management, environmental wisdom adjustment, video surveillance and remote control equals one of the new modern intelligent classroom system, is to promote the future of school construction of an effective component.

In school, classroom teaching is the most important part of students ' receiving system education, which is the key to mastering the quality of teaching links and improving teaching level. In the current teaching process, there are many problems in the traditional sign-in link, the question confirmation link, the question interactive link, the classroom Small test link. Traditional teaching methods have not adapted to the needs of modern teaching, and the new modern intelligent classroom system based on the Internet of Things technology integrates intelligent teaching, personnel attendance, asset management, environmental wisdom adjustment, video surveillance and remote control in one step. As a new form of education and modern teaching means, smart classroom brings new opportunities to the education industry.

Smart Classroom equipment can reflect the three levels of the Internet of Things (application layer, network layer, perceptual layer), using sensors, radio frequency identification (RFID) and other technologies, so that information sensing equipment in real-time to perceive any required information, in accordance with the agreed Protocol, through the possible network (such as WIFI-based Wireless LAN, mobile communications, telecommunications network, etc.) access, the connection of any object to the Internet, exchange of information and communication, the realization of objects and things, things and people in the ubiquitous link, to achieve the intelligent identification of goods, tracking, monitoring and management. At the same time, the smart classroom can also meet the school of Internet of Things technology, the introduction of the Internet of things, sensor principles and applications, wireless sensor networks and applications,RFID Technology and applications, the Internet of Things engineering and applications, Internet of things standards and middleware technology, Internet of things application system design and other courses of practical training teaching needs , and provides a platform for students or teachers to develop IoT technology application projects.

Through the Intelligent Classroom experiment platform, students can master the basic theory of Internet of things technology, physical information system identification and perception, computer network theory and technology and data analysis and information processing technology and other knowledge, with communication technology, network technology, sensor technology, such as a broad range of professional knowledge, with a certain engineering application system development, Practical ability and scientific research ability.

1.2Open Innovation Training room

Smart classroom based on the internet of things technology, it can be built into an Internet of things application scenario, which can be used for students to carry out innovative experimental research, but also facilitate teachers to carry out scientific research. We can judge whether there are people in the classroom through the personnel attendance system in the intelligent classroom, if there is no one in the classroom, all the systems in the classroom are closed; Conversely, they are in working condition.

The smart classroom consists of the following eight systems:

L Intelligent access control system

Intelligent access control system consists of magnetic door lock,RFID Reader and supporting software, the use of RFID tags (campus card) to the student attendance statistics, to enter the classroom identification of the personnel to the legal user attendance statistics, illegal users to alarm. At the same time, through WiFi wireless coverage, remote access to attendance monitoring, statistics and archival printing.

l electrical control system

Electrical control system is composed of electric curtain, light sensor and matching control software. First, through the light sensor to determine whether the corresponding position in the classroom is someone, this position is unmanned, the lighting control system and the curtain control system is in the closed state;

l Electric Remote Control system

The remote control system is composed of infrared remote control, infrared LED wall lamp and supporting software. Through the illumination sensor to monitor the indoor illumination, by analyzing the data, according to the software preset value, when the indoor illumination below the limit value, automatically turn on the infrared LED wall lamp. In summer, when the indoor temperature and humidity is lower than the minimum threshold, automatically turn off the air conditioning, to achieve indoor temperature and humidity automatic control.

L Security alarm system

Security alarm system by gas / smoke, alarm, fan and supporting software components. Used to detect indoor combustible gas concentrations and upload status information to the server in a timely manner. At the same time set the combustible gas concentration reached a certain value, the implementation of the fan open and alarm.

L Environmental Monitoring System

The environmental monitoring system is composed of temperature and humidity sensor, illumination sensor, air quality sensor and supporting monitoring software. Through the temperature and humidity sensor, light sensor, air quality data collection, through the analysis of data, according to the software preset value, to determine whether the environment is suitable for living

l camera Monitoring System

Camera monitoring system is composed of camera, infrared fence sensor and supporting monitoring software. View students ' behavior habits through a webcam.

L Energy Management System

The energy management system is composed of smart meters, smart sockets and supporting software. Through the software can control the smart socket power supply, to achieve the purpose of controlling related electrical appliances. Collect meter data to set power consumption and control smart sockets for energy management

l Telemedicine system

The telemedicine system is composed of a blood pressure sensor, a temperature sensor, a heart rate sensor and a companion software. Can collect blood pressure, temperature, heart rate data, through the analysis of the physical condition. The software and the Doctor can be online, challenged, the whole paragraph.

1 Smart Classroom Project Implementation plan 1.1 General Introduction to the project plan

The Internet of Things (IoT) technology is a comprehensive engineering application discipline, covering almost all the current hot technologies: Smart hardware, mobile Internet, wireless internet , middleware, big data mining and so on. At the same time, universities should pay more attention to practice, especially to the knowledge of Internet of things and the demand of industry application. The traditional laboratory construction basically divides into two kinds, one is buys the experiment box / the training platform to carry on the teaching, basically cannot let the student to the project overall perceptual cognition; another is the Purchase Sand table / the model to carry on the project demonstration teaching, cannot let the student carry on the basic knowledge point the study. Can the two teaching methods be integrated, so that students can understand the complete project, but also in the basic experiment directly to the project components of programming control, while the comprehensive group to complete the overall project training experiment? This project is to achieve an innovative open smart classroom training room construction method, the detailed teaching model is as follows:

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Description of the LAB programme framework:

1) Open Smart Classroom Training system basic hardware facilities from the existing traditional classroom transformation, with intelligent open training table, can build a variety of practical visible IoT application system.

2) Traditional laboratory basic equipment through intelligent transformation, increase the intelligent wireless controller, support the Internet of things interconnection function display, at the same time with the increase of various industry application requirements of the hardware, such as smart classrooms, intelligent agriculture, intelligent transportation, intelligent traceability, etc., can complete a wealth of application project display, Teacher-side through the management software can be online real-time project demonstration teaching.

3) Intelligent Open Training table provides a rich group of experimental functions, traditional laboratory basic equipment by grouping different training modules, through the bus access to the training table, students through the local wireless controller, parallel to the actual hardware acquisition and control, The teacher can perform the job analysis by the management software on-line grasping the hardware control stream data packet. At the same time, students can learn basic experiments based on embedded interface technology, sensor interface technology and sensor network technology through local wireless controller.

4) The Zhiyun open platform uses standard IoT middleware technology to build a complete programming framework for IoT projects to facilitate rapid development and release of integrated application projects.

2.2 Smart Classroom Function Overview
Smart Classroom hardware body consists of two parts: Intelligent model, intelligent training table, both through the parallel bus connection, can meet all students in parallel control and acquisition.
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2.2.1Smart Model Room

The intelligent model is based on the traditional laboratory basic equipment for the upgrade and transformation, the laboratory is divided into 8 functional areas, can be completed: environmental monitoring, security alarm, electrical control, infrared remote control, intelligent access, video surveillance, energy management, remote medical and other projects of independent training, all functional areas are installed through the decoration to the laboratory wall. The detailed ribbon configuration is as follows
650) this.width=650; "title=" wisdom model between. jpg "alt=" wkiom1dp-bchpux-aagvidxfeuw655.jpg "src=" http://s4.51cto.com/wyfs02/ M00/82/49/wkiom1dp-bchpux-aagvidxfeuw655.jpg "/>

Smart Classroom hardware body consists of two parts : Smart model Room

Each intelligent sensor is wireless control via smart cloud Wireless node, and with the teacher-side intelligent Gateway to form a wireless sensor network, through the teacher management software to complete the comprehensive collection, control and demonstration
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2.2.2 Wisdom Training Table

The Smart Training table is a standard six-corner table that can meet 6 Students for experimental study. Each training table and the smart model between a project functional area corresponding to the function area of the sensor will be connected to the training table by bus and line, each training desk station can be in the training area of the sensor control. The layout is as follows:

650) this.width=650; "title=" teacher table. jpg "alt=" wkiol1dp-0wtnynsaadbvrlvyze179.jpg "src=" http://s2.51cto.com/wyfs02/M01 /82/48/wkiol1dp-0wtnynsaadbvrlvyze179.jpg "/>For more information, please login to the Sino-Wisdom (Wuhan) technology Co., Ltd., welcome to contact us!
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Zhong Zhi-Open Intelligent Classroom Training System construction Plan

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