Zhou Hongyi: Born to be a militant from the Sun Wukong

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He is the most troublesome fighter in China's internet world, and he needs to prove himself with constant fighting.

Your mouth Roricolo talk so much, I if VC will never invest your company. "In an investment forum, Zhou not wait for an entrepreneur to say the end to interrupt the other side of the question."

However, perhaps it is the thought that they are investors, in order not to make the people under the table too embarrassed, Zhou again with a very fast speed "soothing" way: "You don't think I am insulting you, also don't think I this angel investor how like a devil, entrepreneur if want to deal with investor, must withstand such humiliation." My humiliation is nothing, I was so honed. Now you have three seconds to tell the most important thing to you! His words let hundreds of people's meeting break out a smile, also let the entrepreneur instantly rose red face.

It's hard to make a good impression on him for the first time you see Zhou, because it's always hard to accept the aggressive words and impolite attitude. However, as the "insult" of the entrepreneur later said: "In fact, compared to other VC polite silence, I think weeks or let me have a harvest." ”

Zhou superficial "unreasonable" speech and practice, behind the often not unreasonable. In his entrepreneurial 3721, when he led the Yahoo China, when he engaged in angel investment and today he walked back from behind the scenes to control the strange tigers, "unreasonable to do rational things" has become a major feature of Zhou. In the current China's business environment, combined with his own background, Zhou can be said to be from a very low starting point, relying on hard work to obtain the success of one of the models. Therefore, in the realization of those ordinary people difficult to complete the "difficult action", he has been unable to take into account the graceful posture, whether the means candid.

"Internet information is flying, there will always be someone to criticize, some people say it is normal, I did not expect everyone to like." "Zhou to reporters always say so, but he did not think he did not like so many people."

Rebel "Fighter"

"Old week personality is straightforward, persistent, passionate and informal, so his speech sharp straight sharp, never circuitous." "The assistant who followed him for years was so appraised. And Zhou himself is very clear about his own personality: "Although I strong character, but also is not self-willed that kind of people, but my temper irritable point, direct, simple, too pursuit of executive power." "Being a billionaire in the Internet nuggets has undergone a shift from multiple identities of programmers, entrepreneurs, managers and investors, but Zhou's personality has not changed much," he said. "Zhou Hongyi this guy is the most frustrating fighter in the Internet world, but it was his fighter gene that made me invest in him two times," said investor Wang. ”

Zhou was aggressive, so he was inevitably hooked on paintball. In this highly approximate combat confrontation, Zhou favorite and highly trained veterans as opponents, "I am afraid, but only the constant fight, I will not be afraid of them." "So, after every confrontation game, whether he survives or not, he is always the one who first greets everyone and then opens another inning."

His aggressiveness is also due to his "disobedience to the established rules of the business world". He is full of contempt for the managers of Yahoo China's big corporate illness, discontent with the current investment community's belief in "returnees", and angry at companies that have done a lot of bad things in the internet world. He claims that he advocates "violent violence", and that he will do the same with the same color if his opponents do anything.

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