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Software development tools


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Guo Xiaofeng
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Software Engineering is becoming increasingly standardized.

I am not very familiar with CMM and other things. I can only run a bad brick according to my usual development process, hoping to bring out interesting things. This post was also very interesting when I joined the group. We can first high-Level to discuss the classes and tools. Then we will discuss the specific thread one by one tool later.

I have made a lot of comparisons, but there are still some core tasks. Now I am getting more and more applied. At the core, I am very confused, but there are still all the things about test, but many times I am lazy and always rely on our QA to help me. Now doOnce the application is completed, there is no shortage of such things. If the problem persists, the customer will catch up with it directly. No one will help me clean my ass. I gradually developed my habits and thought it was quite useful.

First, test! Test has become myCodeCore: Now test: Src-> 2: 1. And feature
After deliver, because of the QA bug, the more test will be written, which is definitely the top priority. This affects the development progress, so now the boss basically does not push my deliverinG, because I often delay. (Thanks to the country, the party, the boss, and the Team)

Test includes unit test/regression test (smoke
Test) and so on. I am not a QA and cannot understand it all. Your own code, unit test is certainly inevitable. 100%
Coverage is always hard to find, especially for multithreading. If you have a special solution, share it with others. For Java, we can determine this.Threads
Run to this method to check the status. c ++ has no solution. I write code very horse, so c ++
Multithreading, I generally say that I am afraid it is not good to write, although I used to publish a paper talk about minimize critical

next is repository. Sourcesafe/cleancase/CVS/SVN/perforce/
git has been used, But Now git and perforce are familiar. There are many SVN tools and you can also have a try. After a few years of use of CVs, I can't understand it at a glance. For other bazaar , you can only compile the Code
check out. I personally think about git and it is really easy to use. Put your own server on git
repository and use gitosis, which is relatively simple. Everyone has their own preferences and there is nothing to discuss about. Is it where the heap code is stored. The best thing about git is that you don't have every directory to give me a ghost like . SVN, and so is perforce. So I like these two, that's all. (If there is one thing, I need to filter it out, like:
Find. | grep-V "\. SVN "| xargs grep-NH" XXX "{}\;
(this command is not accurate, because xargs usually only needs to find. -exec grep-NH "XXX" {}\; on the line)

the next step is code review. Thanks to the country, the party, and the company, we can use a command to easily send a patch to the corresponding person, in addition, there is an online
System for side-by-side comparing, which is very helpful for efficiency. When talking about code review, you have to talk about coding
style. A software company should have its own coding
style to ensure that the code looks similar everywhere. Some people write code, such as writing a function in a row (I mean, it's very complicated. I have a friend who can write more than 1000 words in a row before ), in the organization, I can only be embarrassed to pull it back and rewrite it. If your code is too good, the people behind it will not be able to pick up their hands, and the project can only be thrown into the garbage, therefore, coding
style is necessary. Currently there are many lint tools that can ensure the coding style. I personally want the tool to include the coding
style. Otherwise, there are some edge differences in a team, it is easy to hurt everyone and affect their morale in the future. However, it seems that the lint people do not like parsing much.
code, so the lint is not very accurate. In this regard, Java is better. There are lint/checkstyle/findbug/
... a series of good tools, and even if the Code has already been in, it can still be found using something like Hudson/Jenkins.

Several principles of code review: If reviewer does not understand the code, you must understand it; otherwise, do not stamp it. Reviewer not only needs to understand code, but also design.Is the final design
Review. At this time, roll-back is much better than code-out. The reviewer attitude must be nice. People are always encouraging improvement.Several times, people will be hurt later. Tool and review of Cr
Board/Gerrit (which is used for Android) and so on. Now there are a lot of things that are not installed, so install one quickly. (By The Way, SVN used to have post code.
The concept of review is not a favorite of individuals. Code review is about side
Side. If you have a record, write down the comments. In fact, this is a good way to improve the level)

Next is CI. There's nothing to say, there's no CI to get one. You don't want your software to get worse today or tomorrow. Do you want to catch bugs every day? It is always good to report the problem.

There are still a lot of leaks, and it will be done later. In fact, it is the most important thing to like projects and focus on doing a good job of projects.

Top-Language =>
In top-Company, publish a post to discuss topics. Maybe it has nothing to do with Lang, but isn't everyone a code farmer? Let's take a look at it.

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