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As you all know, Expression Web 4 is a software used to write Web scripts, including the language types involved: HTML, ASP, PHP, CSS, but it does not support HTML5. As the following illustration shows, the <canvas> tags in HTML5 do not get smart sensors, which can become cumbersome during the development process. This article describes how to add HTML5 tag support to it. First you need to download the HTML5 template plugin, you will get a file called "Html5schema.xadd".

Install HTML 5 Schema

From the Tools menu, select Ins ... Add plug-in options.

In the "Manage ins" window click "Install ..." Press the key and select the Html5schema.xadd template you just downloaded.

The software will ask if you want to start the newly installed plugin and click "Yes" to determine.

If the installation succeeds, in the "Manage ins" window will see "HTML 5 Schema revisit" content, click "OK" to complete the operation.

After the template is installed, we can see the "HTML 5" option in the toolbar.

Enable HTML 5 Schema

After the installation is successful, we need to start the HTML 5 template support, turn off the current expression Blend 4 program and restart it in admin mode. You can enable or disable an HTML 5 Schema by clicking the "HTML5" option on the toolbar above.

If you want future programs to support HTML 5 tag formats by default, select Page Editor options in the Tools list.

In the Authoring tab, set the Doctype and secondary Schema to HTML 5.

Finally, we'll create a new HTML file that can now support <canvas> tags.

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