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Effective flow refers to the flow of value that can form for a marketing product site or other network platform to play a direct success or failure of the key, simple point is that you sell the product services in addition to someone to see, more important is to have someone to buy, can play the value of marketing, SEO is effective on the network marketing means, The implementation of effective flow of conversion, SEO induction training to lead into the network marketing essential marketing tools.

In this circle of the news and news, I saw most of the best not to marketing for the purpose of excellent articles, they have to personality and emotional release of the main, there is to seek common language mainly, I believe that a lot of circle friends will be loyal readers for the purpose. Some articles do have an appeal, but also ushered in a lot of popularity (that is, traffic), because the appeal of the article has indeed left the reader, but this for marketing products and services for the purpose is far from enough. I've also seen individual circles. Perhaps to get a high popularity value for blogs, may have set the article's Web page update, why, because in the opening of such a blog will seem to feel refreshed, so that the popularity of the value is improved, if for product marketing, Simple is self-deception cheating, because it is not effective traffic, In that traffic you don't get the potential to demand readers.

In fact, such a cheat method has code, method see, more software:

A hanging machine automatic flow brush green software, occupy a very small computer resources, when you open the use of the Web site or advertising address will be brushed, it will not affect the viewing of the Web page and any factors, that is, it is only working silently, and is true all over the IP, the first time to use 1 hours to bring the flow of 1500 or so, After the second use will increase to 3000 flow, as long as not to change the site or advertising address, the increase in the number of users will increase the flow of the original basis. In the first 2 years someone in Taobao sell also very hot 69 yuan RMB A, I also used to brush GG ads, but no use before I a small station advertisement still have a little income, after used by K, there are more than 500 USD did not give knot, and then received a letter from Google, are English I do not understand, and later borrow online translation can understand a little , that is to say you cheat, GG has the right to cancel your advertisement. You want to AH Gg so large a company, there must be tracking advertising whether cheating ability. But I got the biggest harvest: people should be honest. I believe that in the future of the network competition to win only the integrity and quality.

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