Anti-influenza drug Tamiflu is alleged to have severe side effects and can be lethal.

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Could lead to severe dyspnea and even death. According to a study carried out by the Xinhua news Agency's nonprofit "Medical Alert Center", the anti-flu drug Tamiflu may cause sudden severe dyspnea and even death, with a much stronger side effect than another flu-treated drug, Zanamivir said. Duffy (also known as oseltamivir) is an influenza-resistant drug developed by the Swiss Roche pharmaceutical company, which has been widely used in recent years in the fight against avian influenza and swine flu.   Drug safety authorities in Japan and the United States have warned that Tamiflu may cause mental abnormalities, hallucinations and other side effects, and even death. The study, led by the director of the "Medical Alert Center", was conducted on the basis of data published by the Japanese Ministry of Health and Labor.   The results showed that of the 119 patients who had been taken to Tamiflu, 38 were in severe condition or died within 12 hours of the medication, while none of the 15 patients who had taken Zanamivir (alias reggae) had deteriorated within 12 hours. Taking into account the age and other factors analysis found that the patients taking Tamiflu death risk is taking zanamivir patients about 1.9 times times, in the drug 12 hours of the risk of serious disease is 5.9 times times the latter.
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