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With the [Coca-Cola] soft drink with the delicious hot pot eating method, has become a lot of the pursuit of delicious and endless diners are favored by the trend.  [Coca-Cola] soft ice cool to the end of the taste, with a hot pot in the layers of rich ingredients and taste, instant that can inspire people's taste buds on the infinite, the ultimate delicious, showing the forehead, so that people in an instant burst out of a wonderful colorful cool expression, but also for the experience of hot pot cuisine add more enjoyable taste. In this season, do you love hotpot? Have you ever seen an angry, shiny, gold-glowing "jar" jet? Have you ever heard of a search "radar" that specializes in "facial cues"? That's right!  Creative Unlimited [Coca-Cola] will let you experience the hot pot gluttonous food at the same time, from the store activities to the online interaction, present to you a real refreshing feast! Not long ago, a creative online video blew up a powerful "humor Kungfu" whirlwind, two factions of martial arts experts in hot pot with [Coca-Cola] soft drinks for the decisive battle, triggering a cool expression war, finally female shopkeeper wit use [Coca-Cola] soft drink as a "secret weapon", dissolved a martial arts dispute.  Nowadays, these martial arts masters have come through ancient times, vowed to be in the hot pot before a "cool expression" competition, but also with the film in the world of the shocking martial arts secret weapons-nu hair Chong "cans" jet, as well as the new "cool" search "radar", intended to be more folk expression master a higher! To find hidden in the folk expression master, from September 15 to October 31, [Coca-Cola] will launch a "who is the next cool expression Emperor" large-scale activities, will work together in Inner Mongolia small sheep food Chain Co., Ltd., in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, nearly 50 stores to search for a hot pot feast in the " "", but also through the popular network launched a new creative video and consumer interaction platform, so that the most comprehensive experience day and night to enjoy non-stop.  It is reported that the [Coca-Cola] company for the first time with the domestic hot pot chain enterprises jointly organized large-scale consumer activities, and further the hot pot and [Coca-Cola] soda perfect combination, triggering the ultimate taste buds experience, so that the facial expression everywhere. During the event [Coca-Cola] will be deployed to the mysterious dynamic search "radar", where in the small Fat Sheep store for dinner consumers may be "radar" search, that is, the opportunity to get a cool search "radar" sent out of the [Coca-Cola] game currency, and participate in the shop in the "Wrath of the pot" jet machine game, Get the ball and the corresponding redemption coupons; In addition, diners will be invited to make a hot pot drink [Coca-Cola] when the most cool expression, you can take photos from the scene to participate in the event.  Diners can also choose to upload photos to the official website (HTTP://ICOKE.SINA.COM.CN/CWF) or the official microblog (@ Coca-Cola), as well as the opportunity to take the throne of "the cool expression Emperor". The event will eventually be the diners vote in the form of the most popular cool expression of two men and women each. The winner will be invited to participate in the "fiveThe award ceremony was awarded with a certificate and a cash prize of $4500. Other rich prizes include a complimentary drink, a small fat lamb dish, gifts and [Coca-Cola] souvenirs.  The prize surprises repeatedly, will make the folk "cool move expression Emperor" have no hiding, fully show its crisp and dynamic nature. [Coca-Cola] soft drinks with a delicious hotpot, coupled with the search "radar", "Nu fat" jet machine of endless fun, as well as a lot of folk expression master of the common help, will be in this autumn and winter season to let hot pot food craze. If you think you can make a pleasant and cheerful expression, if you have a manufacturing and sharing a happy heart, you must not miss [Coca-Cola] "looking for the next expression Emperor" activities, the next "cool expression Emperor" is probably you! For more information, please login to the official website HTTP:/ICOKE.SINA.COM.CN/CWF.
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