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Tong Ren Tong Fitness Five pills were found to be about 5 times times the standard of mercury (Image source network). European Shu Dan Almond Firming Scrub (picture Source network). In March this year, the National entry-exit inspection and quarantine agencies seized the quality and safety project unqualified imported food 156 batches, cosmetics 9 batches. Among them, unqualified cosmetics related to skin and cosmetic two types of cosmetics, from 5 countries and regions, the goods are not in conformity with the certificate, label unqualified and pollutants, such as the main reasons for the failure. such as, Lauder (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd. imported a number of times Babipora bright white moisturizing lotion is not in conformity with the shipment certificate, Provence-Shu-dan Trade (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. imports two batches of European Shu Dan Almond Firming Scrub Cream was detected lead exceeded. For the above unqualified imports of food, cosmetics, port entry and exit inspection and quarantine agencies have taken the withdrawal or destruction measures, not into the domestic market. Europe Shu Dan Almond Firming Scrub Cream lead exceeding the standard, the quality of potato chips (barbecue flavor) colony total exceeded, excellent quality of the original meat floss egg rolls mould exceeded ... Recently, the State administration of quality Supervision, inspection and quarantine published this March unqualified food, cosmetics information. Reporter saw that this March, the national entry-exit inspection and quarantine agencies to detect the quality and safety of the project unqualified import food 156 batches, unqualified cosmetics 9 batches. Shanghai IKEA Co., Ltd. imported a batch of caramel-flavored bar sugar from Denmark due to the failure of the goods to be destroyed, this is the 4th consecutive month, the IKEA was found to import food unqualified. Babipora a product of the certificate is not consistent with the reporter learned that the two batches of the lead detected in the EU Shu Dan Almond Skin Scrub Cream has a total of 901.75 kg, are Shanghai Provence Europe Shu Dan Trading Co., Ltd. from France imports, of which 890 kilograms from the French Europe Shu Dan Company. Subsequently, the reporter log on the official website of the European Shu Dan See, only almond firming milk for sale, and no almond firming scrub. Subsequently, the reporter saw on Taobao, 200ml of the European Shu Dan Almond Firming scrub is still in sales, as of May 5 there are sales records. The seller of the product told reporters that the store's almond scrub recently sales have been good, and did not receive complaints from customers. When the reporter asked whether there is the risk of excessive lead, the seller explained that their store products are the normal way to import, and the problem product is not the same batch. In addition, Shanghai Lauder Trade Co., Ltd. imported 3 kilograms Babipora bright white moisturizing lotion is not in conformity with the shipment certificate, has been destroyed. Quality products, excellent products bacteria exceeded the detected in the unqualified snack food, the quality of potato chips, excellent quality omelet are on the list. The seizure of the unqualified batch of potato chips for barbecue flavor, a total of 920 kilograms, all from the United States and Gamble company. The batch of potato chips was detected and the total number of colonies was exceeded and all goods were destroyed. In addition to the quality of goods, excellent quality of the original meat floss omelet was detected out of mildew and was destroyed, imported from Malaysia, 100.8 kg Aji brand of Tunisian yogurt onion taste crispy biscuits also detected the total number of colonies, all the goods were destroyed. The protein content of Jia Bao milk powder is not standard this unqualified food cosmetics information, a total of 3 batches of milk powderUnqualified, including the Bedouin and Ka Bao two brands. Among them, Beijing Guo Xing Tongda Trading Co., Ltd. from the United States imported 56 kilograms Bao two mild-type/protective infant milk powder was detected protein content does not conform to national standards, all the goods were destroyed. Aqsiq said the release of the March import of substandard food, cosmetic information refers only to the batches of food, cosmetics, and the food, cosmetics, the problem is the entry point inspection and quarantine agencies found in the implementation of inspection and quarantine, has been the law to do returns, destroyed or modified for his treatment, not in the domestic sales. (Wen/journalist Li Dalin) The problem is not sold in China yesterday, Europe Shu Dan Shanghai Company's PR Ms. Weng told reporters that the two batches of lead detected in the EU Shu Dan Almond Skin Scrub cream is not in the domestic sales, "previously sold almond firming scrub no quality problems, Because our every batch of imported products must be inspected by the national entry-exit inspection and quarantine agencies. Yesterday, the reporter came to Europe Shu Dan is located in Shanghai Nanjingxilu store, and did not see almond firming scrub, a salesman said, Almond firming scrub has been broken goods for a long time, this year has not been sold. Ms. Weng said that the product was not sold last December, "because we are ready to upgrade, the problem of the batch is our last batch of imports, since the problem, no longer sales." "Tong Ren Tong Fitness Five pills Hong Kong found that the mercury exceeded the mainland consumers only to return the drug returned to Hong Kong May 7, the Department of Health issued a circular calling for the recovery of a group of Tong Ren Tong Tong" Five complementary pills "of Chinese medicine, because its samples in the laboratory test of Mercury exceeded 5 times times. Initial enquiries revealed that Chinese patent medicines were made in the mainland and imported from Hong Kong by the Tong Ren Tong. This proprietary Chinese medicine is used in adults to regulate the body, but its composition should not contain mercury. "Mainland consumers who wish to withdraw their medicines must return to Hong Kong and provide evidence of their purchase," said a person in Hong Kong's store. Experts say that a small amount of mercury is not harmful to the human body or harm, but long-term intake or caused by mercury poisoning. Not yet received an ill report the Hong Kong Department of Health said that the Chinese patent medicines which were required to be recycled were licensed Chinese patent medicine wholesalers Beijing Tong Ren Tong Tang Hong Kong Pharmaceutical Management Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Tong Ren Tong) produced by the "Tang Ren Tong Healthy Five Pills", the registration number is HKP-08760, After the Department of Health acquired the proprietary Chinese medicine from the constant market monitoring, the sample was handed over to the government laboratory for testing and the results showed that the mercury content of the proprietary Chinese Medicine sample was about 5 times times that of the ceiling standard, so the instructions were recycled. Since the Department of Health has not received any reports of discomfort after taking the proprietary Chinese medicine, the Department of Health's investigation is still in progress, urging the public to stop using these proprietary Chinese medicines immediately and to seek the views of medical and health care staff if they feel unwell after taking the proprietary Chinese medicines. Yesterday, the reporter tried to contact China Beijing Tong Tang (Group) Co., Ltd. and Beijing Tongren Tong Tong Technology Development Co., Ltd., but no response. It is understood that the fitness five pills only in Hong Kong sales. However, "Mercury exceeded the standard" does not appear to affect the share price. Yesterday, IncenseHong Kong Gem (08138.HK), the new listing 7th, Rose 21.75% to HK $7.95, up 161.51% from its 7th issue price of HK $3.04.
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