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A few days ago, social game developer Zynga announced its "FrontierVille" with the paramount industry, Nickelodeon movies to jointly promote this week's upcoming film "Rango." It was the first time the FrontierVille launched a branding campaign, but it was not Zynga's first foray into the film industry.  It is reported that the cooperation will begin this week, but three companies have not announced the amount of specific cooperation. It is understood that Zynga has been involved in the field of film before, with DreamWorks "Super Villain" (Megamind), when the film in Zynga's signature game "FarmVille" embedded in the film protagonist animated image, launched a one-day "mega-farm" promotional activities. According to Zynga, more than 9 million users took part in the Mega-farm event during the 24-hour partnership with the "Super villain".  Paramount also adopted a similar brand-embedding approach this time. Manny Anekal, global director of FrontierVille's brand advertising business, said that because the game's background was a pristine wilderness, and the protagonist of the film's mission is to help others survive in the water shortage, so "Rango" in "FrontierVille" Brand implantation is extremely natural.  The Rango activity in the game will enhance the gaming experience by engaging the player with the characters in the movie in an interesting way.  Amy Powell, executive vice president of interactive marketing and film production at Paramount, says that they are constantly looking for innovative ways to interact with movie fans, and Zynga has successfully released many interesting and sticky games, so they think the FrontierVille and Rango work together. According to AppData data, "FrontierVille" more than 19 million monthly active users, they can participate in the game three kinds of rango tasks, until the game to win the Rango statue, the event will last a week.  Players in the game must find a chameleon skills, always hidden in the border of the Rango, and then let friends send themselves 10 buckets, watch the movie trailer. It is reported that after Zynga and Sony Film Entertainment company's film "Green Hornet" began to cooperate, in the "Mafia wars" this game to implant the film's relevant elements.  In addition, the game has been branded as a brand implant with Time Warner's TV series "Southern Police". The music industry is also one of Zynga's goals, which has been with the famous music producer Dr.  Dre to support the game player in the "Mafia Wars" Watch Dr.Dre new album "Detox" the first single music video and so on.  While Zynga games are all free, the company has successfully grown into highly profitable gaming companies through ad implants and virtual commodity trading. According to the industry analysis, to network games as an opportunity to open up the entertainment industry in every aspect, will become a trend of the future development of the game.  The interactive entertainment of online games is not bad money era has come, more film and television play cooperation will be launched, more movies, TV dramas, novels will be adapted into online games. Of course, online gamers and movie viewers will need to be further validated if they are buying a video of a social game implant. But there is no denying that, the net swims with the movie each other occasion, looks forward to altogether wins, has become the general trend. (Edit/Xu Mingming)
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