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Shao Jun has always felt that the SEO theory is not enough, after all, the paper on the end feel shallow, and then on the Internet and the book on the theory are other people's experience, and many SEO predecessors have repeatedly stressed that SEO emphasis on practice. And because Shao Jun knowledge of SEO theory is not much, so in order to make up for this shortcoming, often good at the site to practiced, this is not, the former took a website for a comprehensive revision, the theme is completely changed, is the old domain name to do a new station. and have seen Baidu SEO guide webmaster should know, if a theme completely replaced, the revised website, Baidu in theory will be regarded as a new site, the old hyperlinks will also be ineffective. Shao Jun had a puzzled view of the problem, since Baidu official said is theoretically will be regarded as a new station and the old super chain will also be ineffective (Baidu SEO guide indicated in the theory, and no affirmative answer), then actually whether it is so, if the fact is so, then how long will it take effect?


Website comprehensive revision will be the search engine penalty

I first is the website new revision, changes to other content site, and has been rumored that the site is very easy to make a revision of the site is the right to be dropped even by K, I simply will be the original site program all removed, put on a new program, and completely changed the content, is basically a new station, I did not find a better summary of this practice, I call it the domain name Redo station. And after I such a toss, and did not appear accident, and the new station first snapshot in the next day update, in the previous website comprehensive revision without being down the right SEO essentials also roughly explain my operation method, here will no longer elaborate.

How the search engine treats the new station after the revision

According to the search engine to give new station the new station effect, general new station will be included in the short term after a relatively good ranking, and Shao Jun This revision of the site basically conforms to this, in the revision after the new station home page Baidu snapshot, the keyword began to appear in the rankings, although the ranking of hundreds of ( At present, the main keywords ranked to 100 or so, individual keyword ranking has entered the first 10 pages, but at least it shows that the search engine response speed is very rapid. Google also updated the description the next day after the revision, but the title was updated to the new station for almost a week. Through this revision of practice, Baidu and Google reaction speed are very fast, but Baidu in the shortest possible time to update the latest home snapshot content, and Google has been a week before the update, perhaps this is Google to give a revision of the site of an update cycle, but also waiting for the site to change the stability after the update to the latest state, And in a few days after the revision of Baidu gradually deleted the previous site is included in the page, but Google has been half a month has been included before the page, of course, the new station page is also included. To some extent this also reflects the difference in the user experience: Baidu is sensitive, and Google is very delicate.

How long does the anti-chain failure time of the old station after the domain name redo Station

We all know that the site rankings and the chain related, and keyword ranking naturally and keyword outside the chain related, and in the domain name Redo station, the old station of the back chain will not immediately expire, but because the site theme has changed, the original keyword chain on the new site does not have much positive effect, then these chains will sooner or later fail, But how long will it take for these chains to lapse, that is, after a period of time to search the old station keyword can not search the new station. And I this station before the key words in Baidu Google are stable ranked first, to explain whether these reverse chain failure I think the effect should be very bright.

And from the domain name back to the station has been nearly 20 days, before the search before the keyword new station has always been in the first page, Baidu last week after the update, search the old station keyword, the new station ranking has undergone significant changes, Google's ranking is still in the first place, And in Baidu's ranking has been dropped from the first page to the fifth place, this is perhaps the Baidu update in the algorithm after some improvements, but also may be we all know a SEO phenomenon: A Web site if you want to do a link with the site is not related to the keyword, want to get a better ranking is very difficult ( The reason is not sure because the search engine does not deny this keyword rankings do not go up, and in the previous SEO this phenomenon is often used to.

Although the current analysis of Shao Jun is not comprehensive and thorough, it is still to be observed and tracked in the future. Also welcome you to put forward different views, exchange their experience.

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