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Deep analysis of the namespace technology behind Docker

I believe you have seen in many places "Docker based on Mamespace, Cgroups, chroot and other technologies to build containers," but have you ever wondered why the construction of containers requires these technologies?   Why not a simple system call? The reason is that the Linux kernel does not have the concept of "Linux container", the container is a user state concept. Docker software engineer Michael Crosby will write some blog posts and dive into Docke ...

FortiOS 5.2 Expert Recipe: SLBC Dual Mode with Four FortiController-5103Bs and two Chassis

This article shows how to setup an active-passive session-aware load balancing cluster (SLBC) consisting of two FortiGate-5000 chassis, four FortiController-5103Bs two in each chassis, and six FortiGate-5001Bs acting as workers, three in each chassis.

FortiOS 6.0 Expert Recipe: FGCP Virtual Clustering with four FortiGates

In this recipe you set up a FortiGate Clustering Protocol (FGCP) virtual clustering configuration with four FortiGates to provide redundancy and failover protection for two networks.

How do I modify the CentOS server host name?

CentOS Server installed, the default host name is: Localhost.localdomain, in order to and management, we need to modify the server host name, this modification takes effect on two profiles/etc/sysconfig/network and etc /hosts, here's how to do it: [root@localhost ~]# vi/etc/sysconfig/network networking=yes Hostnam ...

Automated Linux Cloud Installation

One of the features of cloud computing is the ability to move applications from one processor environment to another. This feature requires a target operating system to receive it before moving the application. Wouldn't it be nice if you could automate the installation of a new operating system? A well-known feature of the intel™ architecture system is the ability to install Linux automatically. However, installing Linux automatically is a tricky issue for System P or IBM power BAE using the hardware management console. This article discusses the solution of ...

What is the path and host name after the Linux user logs in?

When we use putty, SECURECRT, or other terminals to log on to Linux, how do we know the path and host name after landing? Examples are as follows: [Root@localhost ~]# pwd/root [root@localhost ~]# host] > Name Localhost.loca ...

Introduction to Windows 2000 Server DNS zone types

& ">nbsp; DNS refers to: domain Name server. In the Internet domain name and IP address is one by one corresponding, although the domain name is convenient for people to remember, but the machine can only know each other IP address, the transformation between them called Domain name resolution, domain name resolution needs to be specialized domain name solution ...

MapReduce: Simple data processing on Super large cluster

MapReduce: Simple data processing on large cluster

Hadoop configuration, running error summary

The novice to do Hadoop most headaches all kinds of problems, I put my own problems and solutions to sort out the first, I hope to help you. First, the Hadoop cluster in namenode format (Bin/hadoop namenode-format) After the restart cluster will appear as follows (the problem is very obvious, basically no doubt) incompatible namespaceids in ...: Namenode Namespaceid = ...

A summary of Wingate Proxy Server usage Skills

For small and medium-sized enterprises or the company's internal network as well as the Internet, through the Wingate agent to achieve access to the Internet, is an economic and practical program. Wingate's current popular version is WinGate5.0.1, which is divided into simple and professional editions (its free trial version can be downloaded from Internet sites:, etc.). This article will use the most extensive WinGate5.0.1 Professional edition, talk about its configuration and the use of some of the skills in the process. WinGate ...

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