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Does the bank card change the core number? Ready to change the card of the students come and see ~

class= "Post_content" itemprop= "Articlebody" > According to Central bank deployment, by the end of October, the national POS terminals will close the financial IC card downgrade transaction, that is, November onwards, Domestic both magnetic stripe and chip composite financial IC card will not be able to brush magnetic strips for trading, only card trading ... Reporter visited the provincial capital of the bank found that for "magnetic old core", different banks not only charge standard, change the card can retain the original account number ...

Ctrip Credit card door again alert the world, information leakage why?

Security issues will become a big problem in the internet age, Ctrip card door once again alert the world. At the weekend, China Merchants Bank's service phone was blown up: Many users are consulting their own Ctrip in the transaction whether the need to freeze credit cards? Many people choose to change the card first, then freeze the credit card for safety. Other users in the social circles say "never go to Ctrip." March 22 Night, the vulnerability report platform Cloud Network disclosed the Ctrip security Vulnerability Information, the vulnerability of the discovery of "pig" said because Ctrip opened the user Payment service interface debugging function, payment process debugging information can ...

Beijing thousand affordable owner line to the commercial housing (PHOTOS)

A line of people huddled around a wall. Photo Source: Beijing Times Wang Real estate intermediary salesman on the scene to play "advertising." Photo Source: Beijing Times Wang Changping District Housing Construction Construction Service hall outside the queues. Photo Source: Beijing Times Wang Changping District Housing Construction Construction Service hall outside the queues. Photo Source: Beijing Times Wang yesterday, Changping living in front of the construction Commission, thousands of affordable owners queued for transfer to commercial housing formalities. Beijing News reporter Yangjie The news yesterday, thousands of people together Changping District live in the gate, anxious to have been over 5 years of affordable converted into commercial housing. 26th, Housing Construction Department ...

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