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The Internet is a big stage, with countless websites online every day. With the threshold of building a lower station, the station has been a very mysterious job more and more popular. The webmaster is the closest grassroots group to the Internet and is the driving force behind the development of the Internet in China. At present, on the Internet in China, most small and medium-sized websites are built by individual webmasters.

Behind each new station, there is a silent maintenance of the owners. The webmaster most concerned about is the flow of this site. No one is willing to visit the site after no one patronize, open the flow statistics show that very few also have their own IP. How to make the site get a lot of traffic? First of all, we should seize the two key traffic factors: website optimization and network promotion.

First, the site optimization

First of all, we must first understand the concept of website optimization, search engine optimization (SEO) has not simply so simple, user experience optimization (UEO) is also very important. With the development of Internet technology, the competition among websites has entered a new era of "revolution." Owners of various industries are familiar with search engines and familiar with their ranking models. When SEO became an essential webmaster's common sense, UEO came into being. Improvements in user experience, while not directly available to traffic, leave everyone on your site feeling the human touch of your site, turning your traffic into high-quality traffic and giving the site a new value.

Before optimizing, let's take a look at the low-level site is like:

1. Web site opened slowly enough to see a magazine;

2. Change another browser to show different effects;

3. The site is easy to open, greeted by a screen full of floating pictures;

4. On the page to see a useful information to be copied to the computer backup, but prompted to prohibit copying;

5. want to give webmasters suggestions, after all, can not find contact information;

6. ready to register a member, half a day fee Kung Fu to fill out the contents of a page, submitted to prompt "user name already exists," to be returned to the page, all the information has to be refilled.

In any case, the site is for the user to service, check their own stations have not said the above common problems, one by one changes out, the transformation of a website into a high level website.

Second is the search engine optimization, webmaster SEO on the web there are many excellent articles, the main points are more important to note:

1 rich site content, the selected article must be refined, original! This search engine will like your site, especially the new site, the first impression of the search engine is very important;

2. Increase the amount of foreign chain must be appropriate, do not increase too much at once was found to be cheating, you can choose to Baidu know, paste it and some high-quality forums to publish, to grow steadily.

Content is king, outside the chain is imperial, these two points must pay attention to.

Second, the network promotion

Now pay attention to any one thing is a word, is "precise", in the promotion of time must be precise positioning of their website, precise promotion, in order to get a multiplier effect. In the promotion before, a detailed analysis of the site's audience, it is easier to get traffic from what crowd. Just like a fisherman catching a fish does not just look big enough to catch the fish you want, but also analyze the sea where the target fish are, and the water level to catch the fish you want.

1 microblogging promotion, for their own web site industry topics, quick promotion site news, products, culture, interaction with fans, will be interested in their web site into their own website for traffic;

2. Forum promotion, site collection for their own characteristics of the site to publicize, but also in the "essence" is not much, not the first to promote their own websites, first with the altar friends and illustrated relations, into one, then timely release of their own publicity Soft paste, even if identified as an ad, really want to flip your post deleted, but also under the hands ah;

3. Soft article promotion, this may be more difficult for the new owners, but it is indeed an effective promotion methods, the early stage can be more affluent webmaster promotional articles, and then try their own writing more, often exercise their own Writing, it will write high-quality promotional articles to.

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