I would like to dedicate this article to novices who wander the edge of the web

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4 years, all kinds of ups and downs in the network experience a lot, because they have also been inexperienced in the network as a result of young ignorance to deceive the N times, looking back and forth now the network novices flocked to the Internet, fumble everywhere , Or even lose the confidence to do station, I just want to say to you, do not be afraid, stand tall, adhere to their faith, work hard to go!

See novices who blindly, see novice due to their lack of experience, countless times in the network being cheated, my heart is really not taste, can be said to be sad, really do not want novice friends go my Old road, I think we all should put some of their own experience to share with everyone together, push it, hesitated for a long time (afraid of their lack of ability to delay everyone, Oh), and finally determined to establish a network of the world The most real mutual aid group and the site to push it together. My idea is very simple, even if failed, but at least I worked hard!

In early October, with a push bar to open smoothly, through external publicity and explanation, many new people have joined us, but the real remaining members only 10, because in planning the website I said to myself must take to live Members of the quality of this serious barrier, where we only allow sincere members to join, we need to truly be able to put their experience to share with you, we are not afraid of you know nothing, because we can not learn, I'm afraid that kind of censure (hateful network liar), lazy members.

Here, we are both students and teachers. We help each other, learn from each other, understand the network step by step, and try our best to avoid detours. This is the result I most like to see. On the station, you can publish some articles of your own. For everyone to learn, in the group, you can put forward your questions, so that everyone can help you solve! This is our common strength! Every day a group of friends for everyone to lecture, are some of their own experience, the content of the course Not the same, you can selectively learn to enrich themselves!

In order to encourage a lot of exchanges, push it also contributed their own money to set up a coin section, for your pay, push it a little bit of mind! Money is not a lot, because we are not Wangzhuan group, but a mutual help Learning group.

have to be aware of is:

1. Welcome newcomers to participate actively, of course, veterans are welcome, as long as you are not afraid to waste your precious time to teach us these novices, then!

2. Confirm that you are a friend who is willing to share knowledge with you sincerely and does not welcome cheaters.

3. In order to ensure the quality of our membership, all members of the site to join must have their own referral, please go to the station for details!

Finally, thanks to our small members also created a group of small group LOGO for us, thanks to Niu Niu wrote out the promotion of this group of articles, thanks to the intention of promoting this group, thank all the members of our group! Thank you, today, you guys gave me A lot of touched!

Site Address: together push it www.yqt8.cn this group space: http://group.qq.com/group_index.html? Groupid = 56583226

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