Look at "Weibo" like you're chewing a candy.

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Absrtact: Many enterprises from the micro-Bo began, will be all the body and mind in this social media era of new things, and even some enterprises deeply love it, will all their enthusiasm to burn it, from their world because of the micro-Bo and sweet, he

Many enterprises from the "micro-blog" began, will be all the body and mind in this social media era of new things, even some enterprises deeply love it, their own enthusiasm to burn it, from their world because of the "micro Bo" and sweet, they see "micro bo" as they are chewing a candy, In addition to bring him joy but also full of happiness, this seems to be a simple satisfaction, but the process of obtaining this satisfaction is not simple, they through the "micro-blog" Planning their own future, with the Jue giant crocodile Liu, said: "They run" micro bo "is like running their own life! They have the mind to chew more carefully. !”

Do anything can not be rushed, as the saying goes: "Impatient to eat hot tofu", whether chewing candy, or chewing "Weibo marketing" This new thing, all need this thin chewing spirit.

First, to obtain the trust of the fans to chew the fan's psychology: The Use of micro-blog marketing activities are most enterprises are in a marketing approach, and this way like the candy above, is running the throat of most enterprises, let them taste the sweetness, so they "micro bo" as a necessary platform for enterprise development, and the " Weibo marketing "into the major strategic planning of their own enterprises, the key to gaining the fans ' trust is to keep interacting with fans in time, to give blessings in the holiday season, to provide the necessary help when encountering difficulties, to make the fans grateful to you, to feel that you are not marketing for marketing, that you are sincere and enthusiastic, and that you are always in contact with fans, Let them feel that they are valued by the Enterprise group, which is the key to the enterprise to be trusted by the fans! In this respect, the Jue giant Alligator is doing well, the suggestion can go to understand!http://weibo.com/u/3298830827

Ii. retain high-quality fans need to build a wonderful micro-blog content: For candy, because everyone likes different, if you want to sell candy, you need to patiently study what kind of taste consumers like, businesses want to retain fans, but also need to carefully build to retain the content of the fans eyeball, more original articles, Weibo can be published in 140 words, however, the study found that the release of 123~130 word clicks the highest, only this Besland word but need to carefully build, do not ask for quantity, every day 5~10 is advisable, but the quality must be done in place, you can say more interesting words, humorous jokes who are like, The happy atmosphere makes it easier for fans to listen to you!

Third, in-depth study of the release of microblogging content of the time period: content needs to be constantly updated, the time period to publish micro-blogging content also requires enterprise in-depth research, in the content of the king based on the expansion of thinking, the time period as a attract the attention of the peak, the people study found that from Friday onwards to Sunday, the release of micro-blog, This is the difference between the black Monday and the orange Friday, compared to the few spray tweets from Monday to Thursday! Micro-blogging in the afternoon than the morning microblogging effect is better, for the office workers, the morning from work to 11 is the busiest time, and 11 o'clock to 12 is the time people wait for the noon break, In the afternoon the busy work is almost, will have a little time to busy other things, to see the news, or play micro-blog.

"Micro-Blog marketing" To bring people to the candy effect of people's hearts flattered, let the enterprise's performance also rises rapidly, as the saying goes: "Goodfellas", do anything, study anything, have one of the way, understand the way, in order to reap the effect, eating needs to chew slowly will be more easily absorbed by the stomach, Water needs a mouthful of drink will be more conducive to the role of the body, the use of "Weibo" marketing activities need this chewing spirit.

The use of "micro-bo" marketing to "fast" point, but to create "micro-blog marketing" content requires us to carefully study the ability to slowly! Even if the sweet taste of sweets, can not be carried away by sweet!

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