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Recently, the Internet Consumer Research Center ZDC released the "May 2011 China Server Market Analysis report." According to the report, in May, the big Three still lead the Chinese server market, in which IBM's focus is higher, HP and Dell are still difficult to divide between the same, competitive atmosphere. Below, IDC comments the network will be together briefly dialysis May our country server market dynamics.


Figure 1

According to Figure 1, in May, China's server market brand attention, IBM, HP, Dell three brand attention, including IBM and 37.9% of the focus on the top of the list, Dell and HP second, are around 22%. In addition to these three brands, other brand concerns are relatively low, Lenovo is only 4.9%, Wave 2.2%, the rest of such as the dawn, strong oxygen, Sun, Rui, billion time and space are under 1.5%.

Compared with April, it is clear that the focus of the big three remains basically stable, and a small increase, the IBM chain growth of 1.5%, Dell Rose 2%, Hewlett-Packard unchanged, and the dawn, strong oxygen and other relatively weak brands this period of concern has also increased, but Lenovo, the wave of the decline is larger, of which, Lenovo fell 3.99%, The tide fell by 0.73%.

From the big three and the rest of the relatively weak brand concerns, the Chinese server market competition is more and more fierce, consumers of brand choice more clear.

Next, we will take a look at China's recent server market types of concern:


Figure 2

Comparing the concerns of different types of products shows that the rack-type server is still the biggest winner and has the most customer base. In May, rack-type servers were up to 70.5%, up 1.9% from April. The second is the tower server, with a market focus of 27.1% and a blade of only 2.4%.

Finally, we analyze the May China server product price concerns:


Figure 3

In China's server market in different price segments of the product focus on the comparison, "130,000 yuan" product concern rose relatively obvious, almost 50%. And below 10,000 yuan of product concern degree drops obviously. 30,000 yuan-50,000 yuan in high-end product concerns are basically stable. More than 50,000 yuan of high-end product concerns have a slow upward trend.

Throughout the May China server market, IBM, Dell, Hewlett-Packard still occupy the mainstream. Rack-type servers are still the preferred choice for most consumers, and the price-focused trend is still the most popular in midrange products.

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