On the improvement and enhancement of the stickiness of website users

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Two days ago wrote a "Talk about the Web site http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/10621.html" > The meaning of users sticky, some individual netizens asked can talk about how to strengthen the user sticky problem? Although I do not have a systematic theory to support, but since there are netizens asked. I would like to talk about the above issues briefly on their own views, although it is a bit of an armchair, if someone feel useful can also be used as a brick!

Regarding the website sticky question, I think can look from the following several angles:

1, first of all, who is the site to stick to who?

is the website to who to see, to whom service, is individual or group (enterprise or other). This is the site's fundamental positioning problem, very critical.

2, is a "where" problem, that is, regional or national and even the world of the problem, is to specify the site space problem.

3, is a "what" question, is the website is the industry or comprehensive, is entertaining or system application service.

An argument is that the content of the site is the key to determine the user's stickiness, the content of the site for the king on the basis of collaboration with art and procedures to the user experience to do a good job this is the crux. And the content of the website follow the website user to go. At the same time the site to adhere to the user or enhance the stickiness, you can start from the aspect:

1, positioning good users, determine the good site of the service groups.

2, in determining a good user base on the basis of mining user needs, users need to use the content of the site to reflect.

3, strengthen the art and procedures, in a more user-friendly way to give users experience.

4, to the user to publish the space to show themselves, of course, blogs, blogs, forums and personal space, the so-called concept of nouns there is no fundamental quality difference.

5, lets the user and the website content interaction and the user interaction.

6, let the user to form a circle, of course, can be an interest can also be students and other relations extension.

7, let the virtual world in the reality of extension, the activities or other things into the site.

8, mining the in-depth needs of users, emotional marketing into the network, in the user's birthday or related birthday to make a warm reminder.

9, let the website have humanization, human nature, at the same time let the user's protagonist status be embodied.

Of course, there are only a few questions about how to improve the stickiness of the website users may not satisfy everyone. If you have a good way to discuss and learn from each other.

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