OpenSUSE Linux 10.2 Installation system via hard disk method

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OpenSUSE is a Linux based free operating system that is focused on your desktops, notebooks, or servers. You can use it to surf the web, manage emails and photos, handle work transactions, play video or music.

Currently opensuse "> The latest version of 12.3, the official DVD download address is as follows:


We take openSUSE Linux10.2 as an example. Always want to install a Linux try, finally chose openSUSE Linux10.2. Record the steps I installed from the hard drive.

Preparation steps:

1. Download all the files in the grub for dos-0.4.1 to the root directory in C disk.

2. My Computer-> advanced-> boot and failback-> setup-> system boot-> edit. Add one line at the end: C:\grldr= "GRUB".

3. Boot\i386\loader\ (INITRD and Linux) in the downloaded Opensuse-10.2-gm-dvd-i386.iso with a virtual optical drive or other software, put these two files under the root directory of a partition. Place the downloaded opensuse-10.2-gm-dvd-i386.iso in the root directory of any partition.

Official installation:

1. Restart the computer, select Enter Grub command mode, and enter the following:

GRUB > Find/linux
(hd0,5) Note: I put INITRD and Linux, as well as mirror files under E disk.
GRUB > Kernel (hd0,5)/linux
* A hint appears containing some information about the file
GRUB > Initrd (hd0,5)/INITRD
* A hint appears
GRUB > Boot

2. Then SuSE start to start the installation screen before the installation of the time may appear ' can not find the installation disk CD ' in English error prompts, select the Back button on the window, will appear to select the menu, a little understanding of English will know how to choose. Select the language, keyboard layout, select the installation method, select Hard disk, then SuSE let you enter the installation source directory, select the ISO file in the partition, and enter the name of the installation package Opensuse-10.2-gm-dvd-i386.iso carriage return, SuSE automatically loads the installer.

The next installation method is the same as the CD-ROM installation method.

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