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Pf-kernel 3.2.6-PF publishes a branch of the Linux kernel

Pf-kernel 3.2.6-PF This version of the kernel has been updated to version 3.2.9. Joined the Arch Linux detail file. Pf-kernel is a branch of the Linux kernel. It provides practical functionality to incorporate BFS Scheduler and TuxOnIce into the mainline. Software information: address: ...

Pf-kernel 3.0.3-PF Linux Kernel release

Pf-kernel 3.0.3-PF This version of the kernel has been updated to 3.0.4. Pf-kernel a Linux kernel. It provides a useful feature that combines BFS scheduling and tuxonice into the mainline. Download Address:

Slicedbread 0.1.0 release multithreaded programming tools

Slicedbread is a simplified Java Multithreaded programming tool. Using the shared state of a thread-safe object in a single-threaded process, you can send and receive information for the invariant mode. In a sense, the library is designed to be inspired by the Erlang messaging system. Slicedbread 0.1.0 This version adds methods to check the status of the current thread and use SLF4J records. Software information: Https:// download address: htt ...

SV2GL Alpha Release Game Library

SV2GL is a game library that uses SVG to expand the toolset for image processing. It includes a "> Game making framework and a physical engine running in a browser that can easily expand the prototype structure using JavaScript, And with the jquery and PHP server-side data storage/retrieval combined. SV2GL Alpha is the originally released version. Download Address: HT ...

Gozerbot 0.9.2 publishes a bot tag channel

Gozerbot a bot tag channel to establish a session between the IRC channel and the Jabber meeting room. It is used primarily to manage RSS feeds and to customize the channel through commands. More time is a bot channel, Gozerbot is designed to provide users with a platform for their own planning of the robot, which is through a plug-in structure that can easily plan their own. More than 100 plug-ins can be used with it. Gozerbot 0.9.2 This version fixes the SQLAlchemy problem. Download Address: HT ...

Talend Open Studio 5.0m4 Publish data integration, migration, and synchronization tools

Talend Open Studio 5.0M4 This is a landmark version with 12 enhancements and 18 bug fixes. Talend Open Studio is an open-source "> Data integration, Data migration, and data synchronization tool to improve the efficiency of data integration job design To confirm the best effect of the task execution. Download Address: HT ...

FileMonitor 1.6 Release File Monitor

FileMonitor is a file monitor for opening and closing files. FileMonitor 1.6 The body in this version adds an extended option, such as a query. Software information: Address:

NCDC 0.6 Publishing Text mode interface Connection Client

NCDC is a lightweight, direct-friendly text-mode interface connected to the client. The NCDC 0.6 version implements the file Search command and a search results tab that supports all the direct connection features, in addition, the/open command has been improved while various errors have been fixed. Download Address:

NE 2.3 Release a free text editor

NE is a free "> Text editor that can almost run on any un*x machine." NE is easier for beginners to use, it is powerful, fully configurable wizards to make its resources use the most spare. NE 2.3 This version has some bug fixes. You can now bind any keyboard sequence to the keyboard encoder. Download Address: tarballs RPM pack ...

Flplug 0.1.1 Publishing Callback System tool

Flplug is a library designed to provide a secure interface for the event callback system in the Fast Light ToolKit (FLTK) library. Flplug 0.1.1 is the first public release version that implements the basic callback plug-in interface functionality. Download address: Http:// Http://sou ...

Prrescue 0.20 release Disc Repair Tool

Prrescue is a compact disc repair tool that supports NILFS2 and btrfs based on Gentoo amd64/i686. The goal is to always include the latest kernel and Gentoo packages. Prrescue 0.20 This version of the kernel has been updated to version 3.3.3. The Gentoo package has been updated to the latest stable version. Software information: Http:// download address: Prresc ...

Domination released Board adventure game

Domination is a game of adventure similar to the chessboard. It has many functions, including online play, various maps, map editors, and so on. Domination This version now supports a map version of Mapstore, and a large number of bugs have been fixed. Software information: address: Http:// ...

Cottage 2.0.1-1 Publish graphics and sound engines

Cottage is cottage is an easy-to-use graphics and sound engine that can be used for HTML 5 screen and audio content. Its goal is to become an easy-to-use web-based game development Library. Cottage 2.0.1-1 This version fixes some of the errors in the combat engine. Software information: download address: Http:// ...

Bino 1.2.1 releases a Linux video player

Bino 1.2.1 This release fixes some bugs, most importantly some ">1080p video frame size problems." Czech translation has been re-enabled. Bino is a Linux 10244.html "> video player that supports 3D video, supports a large number of video formats, and supports multiple monitors." Download Address: http://...

TCExam 11.2.014 publishes electronic examination software

TCExam is a web-based electronic test and online evaluation software for generating and managing online quizzes and exams. It features a simplified test cycle, including: Build, execute, evaluate, demo, and archive. The TCExam 11.2.014 version improves the management interface. Software information: Address:

Xxxterm 1.518 Release Minimalist web browser

Xxxterm 1.518 This is a critical update that fixes the problem of frequent crashes. Please update as soon as possible. Xxxterm is a simple ">web Browser for keyboard operation, whose function and interface are dedicated to making browsers like VI." Download Address:

LIBIDN2 0.7 Publishing International Domain name implementation

LIBIDN2 is an Internationalized Domain name encoding and decoding, mainly provide the search and registration functions. The LIBIDN2 version 0.7 fixes the wrong Strchrnul and strverscmp and updates the Gnulib file. Download Address:

Pasang Emas 3.1.0 released the traditional games of Brunei

Pasang Emas 3.1.0 This version adds a German translation. Added a new traditional model. Enhanced Ornament mode. Fixed some minor bugs. Pasang EMAS is a traditional Brunei game in which black and white tokens are arranged on a chessboard to form a pattern. There are more than 30 different modes of catalogue, two players take turns capturing these tokens, tokens and scoring each black spot, every 2 white 1 1 points. Download Address: Http:// ...

Maximus 1.0.1 release BlitzMax Management module

Maximus is a BlitzMax management module. Maximus is made up of two parts, the first being that a Web application provides a BlitzMax host module. Another is that the application is responsible for providing the module package to the Maximus client, which is used to install and manage the modules on your computer. Maximus version 1.0.1 allows a proxy server to be specified through its configuration file, so users can use the proxy server behind Maximus. Download Address: Binaries ...

Tinycrypt 1.0 Release Encryption tool

Tinycrypt is a fast, simple encryption tool that uses advanced encryption for file security and uses fast Lzo for file compression. The Tinycrypt version 1.0 strengthens the difficulty of cracking passwords. The CPU performs about 1 seconds to start decrypting the file. Download Address:

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